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Finding Teaching Resources

My Teaching Guide

Resource Books:

Teachers need to build up a collection of resource books as these enable you to add realism and interest to Bible lessons and stories, by providing interesting facts, historical details and customs of the day.  Your library should include as many as possible of the following resource books or their equivalents:

  1.  Your Bible, notebook and pen.

  2.  Your Teacher's Manual, Resource Pack and Pupil's workbooks.

  3.  The "Children's Ministry Resource Bible (contains Lesson outlines and reference material).

  4.  A Concordance eg Crudens to help find Scripture references.

  5.  The Illustrated Chidren's Bible Dictionary (details Bible people, customs and events).

  6.  A Bible Atlas (to find maps and Bible places of interest).


Stories can be found in many sources.  The Bible has adventure, suspense, romance and many other stories about real people.  Flannel graph sets and illustrated story or lesson packs are available from Bible Bookshops.

Your library has true-life books that depict qualities such as courage, honesty and friendship.  Children's story books are also good sources and often have parallel spiritual truths or morals.  Animal stories create special interest in children.

All of the above can be easily adapted into a story to teach important lessons that are found in God's Word.

You can find many activities in our Preschool Tweenie World and Primary Bibleland sections of this Website.

Teaching Accessories:

Teaching accessories should include a White Board and pens to write down memory verses and draw simple pictures and diagrams.  Make sure you have a good supply of crayons, pens, pencils, paper, scissors, glue and Prestik for every child.  They are needed for activities, crafts and projects.


Don't forget that activities and games add variety and create interest in your class time.  Activity, craft and games books can be obtained from Christian Bookstores and should be matched to the children's age group.  If they are co-ordinated with the lesson, they will trigger the memory and recall what was taught.

You will find many activities in our Preschool Tweenie World and Primary Bibleland sections of this Website.

Visual Aids:

Visual Aids are important since a picture is worth a thousand words.  They add realism and illustrate Biblical principles, making it easier for the children to understand and remember your lesson.  Build up a collection of pictures, photocopies, your own drawings and illustrations.  Many can be sourced from your teacher's manuals and resource packs, illustrated Bibles and books, and graphics you can download from the Internet.

God bless!


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