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Jesus said, "Let the little children come unto Me," and so teaching children is a rewarding calling from the Lord.

Pray and make this your goal - to win children for God's Kingdom.

I love to teach children

Topics in this Teacher Help and Training Centre include all aspects of running and organising your Children's Church, Sunday School or Ministry.


  1. Introduction
  2. - All aspects of running and organising a Sunday School

  3. Do I want to be a Teacher?
  4. - Teaching children is inspiring and fulfilling

  5. Look Who is on Your Side
  6. - God has called you to be a teacher

  7. Characteristics of Children
  8. - Grouping children by age

  9. Working with Children
  10. - Ways to teach different abilities appropriately

  11. Organising Your Time
  12. - Each minute is an opportunity to touch lives

  13. Finding Teaching Resources
  14. - Add realism and interest to Bible lessons

  15. How Children can Worship God
  16. - Teach them ways of worship

  17. Praise and Worship for Children
  18. - Brings kids into God's presence

  19. Lesson Preparation and Goals
  20. - Of Preparation, Power and Prayer

  21.  Adding Spice to Your Programmes
  22. - Use activities to excite children

  23.  Bible Games and Competitions
  24. - Fun ways to review Lessons

  25.  Keeping Control
  26. - For good discipline set boundaries and limits

  27.  Instilling Good Behaviour
  28. - Teach children to act respectfully

  29.  Gospel Outreach Methods
  30. - How to grow your Sunday School

  31.  Ten Ministry Keys
  32. - Ways to deepen and expand your ministry


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