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Becoming a Leader

Being a Leader by example

Serving Others:

Christian leadership is unlike that of the business world, because the Bible teaches us that to be leaders, we must serve others and not lord it over them.  Effective Christian leadership lies in our relationship with the Lord.  Business methods, techniques and systems have their place and can be very useful.  But great Christian leaders and teachers do not come from just being well trained.  They come from ordinary people who have been empowered by God to do His will and accomplish great things.

Our Own Capabilities:

Samuel was impressed with the appearance of Jesse's imposing sons, but God saw their hearts were not right and so chose David to succeed Saul (1 Samuel 16:7).  God said that our ways are not His ways (Isaiah 55:8), and to our amazement He chooses those who seem weak and foolish to the world to be His leaders.

Our capabilities and qualifications of being "efficient, competent and successful" count as nothing in God's eyes.  Look at Peter, who after three years of discipleship and friendship by Jesus could still say, "Woman, I don't even know Him!" (Luke 22:57).  And yet Jesus choose Peter and began the Church through his leadership.

Responding to God's Call:

Spiritual leadership arises from answering the call of God on one's life.   Responding to this inner conviction moves us into obedience and doing the task that God has called us to do.  In children's work this leadership extends to being Sunday School teachers and leaders, and children's workers and ministers.  All of these provide leadership, counselling, teaching and encouragment to children of all ages.

Leadership Qualities:

Biblical leaders showed enthusiasm, confidence and ability to get things done.  Their qualities of leadership included the ability to work with others, to organise, delegate, supervise, lead, motivate, teach and train others.   These are shown in the lives for example, of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Peter and Paul.

All these abilities came from God.  When they responded to God's call, they were trained by God and then commissioned into leadership.  With the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, they then accomplished the tasks that God planned for them.  God wants to do the same for us!

Your Challenge:

What about you?  Are you going to allow God to place His calling on your life and ministry?  Will you let Him mould your life and equip you?   If you do, God will train as you study and pray and your leadership will develop as you work with children, and organise, teach and train them.

Will you allow the Holy Spirit to anoint and empower you to accomplish the purpose that God has called you for?  I hope you will ask God right now and start today!

God bless.

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