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Teaching Children

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What Children need to Know

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Teach from what You Know

Children who have given their lives to Jesus need to be taught.  But, what shall we teach them?  Paul instructed Titus to teach and instruct others with what is in accord with sound doctrine (Titus 2:1-15).  By this he meant that Titus should teach what the Bible says.  Paul also instructs us in Colossians 2:6-7 to consider our own lives and what Jesus has done for us, and to continue to live in Him:

As you have Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him,
and established and strengthened in the faith
as you have been taught, and abounding in thanksgiving."

What to Teach:

From this we see that our teaching must first of all be in our living example to the children.  Secondly, each child who is a believer, must be taught that they in turn need to set an example to their friends and people they meet.

As teachers, we must not only teach children to love and obey God, but we must pray that God will take what we have taught, and convict the children of the need to apply it to their lives.  And so, teach every child to be:

  1.  Reverent and respecting God.

  2.  Self-controlled and obedient to parents.

  3.  Pure in thought and in actions.

  4.  Upright and truthful in word.

  5.  Godly in character and life.

Values to Instill:

Besides your Teacher's Manual and resources, there are values that teachers and parents need to instill in children including:

  1.  Sensitivity and a sense of humour.

  2.  Confidence and a solid self-esteem.

  3.  Ability to focus on good goals.

  4.  Wisdom to make right choices.

  5.  Honesty, kindness and integrity.

  6.  Ability to form intimate relationships.

  7.  Respect for authority.

  8.  A sense of responsibility.

  9.  Skills to solve problems.

  10.  A desire to learn.

Shaping Behaviour:

You also have the responsibility to help shape the children's behaviour by:

D - Daring to be firm and keep your word.
I - Introducing variety and the unexpected in each program.
S - Showing the kids that you love them.
C - Carrying out your discipline rules.
I - Inspecting your own life and example.
P - Preparing well for each meeting and class.
L - Not losing your temper!
I - involve the children in all the learning activities.
N - notice each child's strengths and reinforce them.
E - emphasise their achievements and improvements.

Think and Pray:

Only God can help each person to live a life that fits the truth of the Bible, and develop their relationship with Jesus Christ.  Think and pray about these aspects, and you will find many lessons that you need to teach your children.

God bless!

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