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Characteristics of Children

Teaching according to their age

Basic Sunday School Divisions

Children of differ widely in their characteristics according to their physical ages.  For this reason many Churches divide their Sunday School children into three or more appropriate age groups:

  1.  Primaries (Preschool and Grades 1-2 or 3 to 8 years of age).

  2.  Intermediates (Grades 3 and 4 or 9-10 years of age).

  3.  Juniors (Grade 5 or 11 years of age and above).

In this manual, we will refer to Preschool children being those up to Grade 2.  And to Primary children being those in Grades 3 to 5 (or optionally up to Grade 8).

The following points will assist you in teaching and working with these age groups.  This will ensure that the Lessons you give, address their physical, mental, social, emotional and Spiritual needs appropriately:

Under-8 Year Old Children:

  1.  Physical - Wrigglers and must always be doing something.

  2.  Mental - Think literally and learn through repetition and their senses.

  3.  Social - Timid and self-centred and apt to be selfish.

  4.  Emotional - Many fears and may be disobedient.

  5.  Spiritual - Believes what they are told and is old enough to accept Christ.


9-10 Year Old Children:

  1.  Physical - Very active and enjoys the latest craze.

  2.  Mental - Likes competitions and games and has a good memory.

  3.  Social - Hero worships but is influenced by peer pressure.

  4.  Emotional -Has fears but enjoys humour and adventure.

  5.  Spiritual - Sees things as black and white but looks for answers.


11-Plus Year Old Children:

  1.  Physical - Is conscious of size or figure.

  2.  Mental - Likes problem solving but easily labels things boring.

  3.  Social - Influenced by peer pressure and tends to form cliques.

  4.  Emotional - Needs to be accepted but is very sensitive to criticism.

  5.  Spiritual - Wants practical Christianity, but has doubts.

Use these pointers to help you to understand and observe what your children like to do, the way they react to the way a teacher treats them, and to what the teacher teaches and says.

God bless!


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