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Children need Love and Friendship

I need some love...

Broken Relationships:

Children often come from broken homes or from homes where they are neglected and unloved.  There is thus a great need to teach them about the love and friendship of God through Jesus our Lord.  In years past, one could teach them that, "God is our Father, and He loves us dearly."

With the breakup of so many modern families the role of the father no longer matches that of God.  Often the home is strained and children do not respect their parents.

God Loves Them:

Teaching such children needs to start by endeavouring to gain their friendship.  This will then provide opportunities to earn and win their trust, and then be able to guide then with Godly principles.  One of the most important is to keep telling them that God loves them very dearly and that Jesus wants to be their Best Friend.

Be Sensitive to the Holy Spirit:

We need to be very sensitive to the moving and prompting of the Holy Spirit.  He will use us to reach out to the child in true love and friendship.  The child will then see Jesus in us and will learn to trust us, and through this come to trust Jesus as his or her Saviour and Lord.

"First I learned to love my Teacher,
Then I learned to love my Teacher's Saviour."

God bless!

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