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Teaching Children

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Children are Important to Jesus

Let the children come to Me

Jesus Blesses the Children:

Mark 10:13-14 gives the account of where Jesus was busy ministering to the needs of adults when some mothers brought their children to Jesus to be blessed.  The Disciples thought this was an inopportune time and wanted to chase them away, but Jesus was displeased with them and said:

"Let the little children to come unto Me,
and do not forbid them, for of such is the Kingdom of God."

Jesus then showed His love for children by taking them into His arms and blessing them.

Children are Examples:

Jesus then showed His great love for children by taking them into His arms and blessing them.  Children were also used by Jesus as examples of how we should be openly receptive to Spiritual things.  Mark 10:15 says:

"Whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child,
he shall not enter therein."

Children are not only important in themselves, but they are very important to God!

God is our Father and Loves Children:

Children often come from broken homes or from homes where they are neglected and unloved.  There is thus a great need to teach them about the love and friendship of God through Jesus our Lord.  In years past, one could teach them that, "God is our Father, and that He loves us dearly."  This was based on the family, which is patterned around God's in Heaven!  The family was set up in Adam and Eve's life by God with the intention that all families that followed would share the blessings and relationships that develop in a true, God-like family.

However, one of the devil's devices is to see that there is a fast and ever increasing breakup of modern day families.  The role of many modern fathers no longer matches that of our Heavenly Father.  Often the home is strained and children do not respect their parents.  With so many broken homes, often the father may be to blame and may earn the hatred of his children.

God bless.


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