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Teaching Children

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Jesus said, "Let the little children come unto Me," and so teaching children is a rewarding calling from the Lord.

Pray and make this your goal - to win children for God's Kingdom.

I love to teach children

Topics include all aspects of teaching children in your Children's Church, Sunday School or Ministry.

If you are an inexperienced or new Teacher, or needing some input and inspiration, this Training Centre will help you establish a God blessed ministry and give you tools to become an effective teacher and leader.


  1. Introduction
  2. - To all aspects of teaching children

  3. Children are Important
  4. - They are being attacked by the enemy

  5. Children are Important to Jesus
  6. - Because He loves them dearly

  7. Children need Guidance
  8. - So that they can be saved and discipled

  9. Children need Love and Friendship
  10. - To learn to trust Jesus

  11. Characteristics of Children
  12. - Teaching children according to age

  13. Spiritual Teaching Aims
  14. - Teach to address children's Spiritual needs

  15. Building Relationships with Children
  16. - To love and befriend them

  17. What Children need to Know
  18. - Essential teaching building-blocks

  19. Leading a Child to Christ
  20. - Steps to Salvation

  21. Who is the Holy Spirit?
  22. - The Third Person of the Godhead

  23. Children and Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  24. - Receiving the Baptism

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