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When the Going
is Tough!

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As leaders we need to walk closely with Jesus and help others to do the same.

It is only with the Holy Spirit's anointing and power that we can assume the responsibilities of leadership and complete the tasks God has given us.

Taking the Lead

Sometimes you will feel run down and exhausted.  That's the time when you need encouragement and support.

Turn to the Lord and ask Him to put His loving arms around you.  He will, and as you seek Him, His warm and loving presence will fill your room and lift you up!


    NEW!!  Something to Encourage and Uplift You

  1.  What's in Your Hand?
  2. - God has the answers to all your troubles

  3.  What can I Lay Down?
  4. - New power to reach those you minister to

  5.  How can we Love God?
  6. - By having respect and reverence for God

  7.  He Called and I Answered
  8. - Jesus is calling You today

  9.  What's in a Name?
  10. - We have victory in the name of Jesus!

  11.  Four-fold Love
  12. - Serving and honouring God in all we do and say

  13.  Our Standing with God
  14. - Be an example to those you minister to

  15.  Can an Imitator be True?
  16. - Being a true follower of Jesus


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