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Growing as a Teacher

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As teachers, we need to be always growing spiritually in Jesus.  That is the only way that we can produce fruit that will remain.

A girl enjoying the Bible

We will please God by obeying Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit and doing what the Bible teaches us.


  1.  Assurance of Salvation
  2. - Receive Christ as your personal Saviour

  3.  Growth in Ministry
  4. - By studying the Bible, praying, and obeying God

  5.  God's Values
  6. - We also need good values in order to please God

  7.  God's Attributes
  8. - God wants us to have the same qualities

  9.  Faith to Please God
  10. - Rely on God's ability to keep His promises!

  11.  How should We Live?
  12. - A life that brings praise and glory to God

  13.  Christian Growth Cycle
  14. - Steps leading to maturity

  15.  Children's Ministry Vision
  16. - A pattern for building your ministry

  17.  The Teacher
  18. - God gives us a special purpose to win children

  19.  Look Who is Growing You!
  20. - God gives you the anointing to teach

  21.  The Teacher's Charge
  22. - Is to be ready to serve Jesus

  23.  The Teacher's Commission
  24. - A "GO" and "GOT" acrostic activity


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