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Obedient Pen?

Making the Obedient Pen


You can choose between pleasures in this life and then an eternity in Hell, or to serve Jesus and enjoy Heaven for ever.

Materials You Need:

An empty felt-tipped board marker or permanent pen and cap.
Coarse sand or lead solder cut into small pieces for weights.
An empty plastic 2-litre cold-drink bottle.


  1. Remove the felt tip and inner contents of the pen.
  2. Clean and dry it out.
  3. Add small amounts of sand or lead pieces into the pen body.
  4. Recap the pen and see if it floats or sinks in a container of water.
  5. Adjust the amount of sand or lead until it just floats upright with the pen cap level with the water surface.
  6. Transfer it into a cold drink bottle, fill this completely with water and cap it tightly.


There are two ways children can take and two choices they can make.   Choosing the wrong way (squeezing the bottle) will cause the "Disobedient Pen" to sink to the bottom.  Choosing the right way (release the pressure), and the "Obedient Pen" shows how we will rise up one day to our home in Heaven.


Hebrews 5:8-9.



There are two ways for children to take.  Matthew 7:13-14 advises us to enter Heaven through the narrow gate, which is through Jesus.  But warns us that the gate is wide and the road is broad that leads to Hell.   Which way are you choosing?

My Obedient Pen shows what happens.  If I squeeze the sides of the bottle this will cause the pen to sink.  (Squeeze the bottle until the pen sinks to the bottom).  This is a Disobedient Pen, because it's on the broad way that leads to hell.  There are many pleasures to attract children along this road.  Can you tell me some of them?

The Wrong Way:

(Allow the pen to rise).  We only have to think of how our country is mad on sports and pleasure wherever you go.  And then there is the influence of age-restricted TV programs and films, video games, raves and other places which attract young people into a life of sin.  The pull of peer pressure is enormous to be "cool", dress cool and act cool.  This can lead to experimenting with sex, drugs and alcohol.

It's just like the pressure I put on the bottle to make the pen obey me (Make a big play of squeezing the bottle).  But, in the end the degrading effect of sin will fill every part of young people's heart, life and thoughts.

The Right Way:

But, if I release the pressure, then the pen will rise. (Allow the pen to rise).  This is now an Obedient Pen, because it's on the narrow way that leads to Eternal life in Heaven.  There are two choices children can make.  The narrow road to Heaven is often seen to be "uncool" and this makes it difficult for children to choose the right way.  If you choose the wrong way, you will sink into sin.

But, Jesus wants us to rise one day to our home in Heaven.  Let's show that again with our Obedient pen.  We squeeze the bottle to cause the Disobedient Pen to sink.  (Make the pen sink again).  This is like the gate to the broad way that leads to hell.  Let's release the pressure again so that the Obedient Pen will rise.  (Allow the pen to rise).  This is like the gate to the narrow way that leads to eternal life in Heaven.

Choosing Jesus' Way:

When you come to a gate, you need to choose whether you will open it of not.  It is a deliberate choice and you have to physically walk up to the gate and open it.  It reminds me of farm gates.  They are often big and heavy and you to struggle to to get them open.  The choices we make in our lives also involve a struggle and making the right choice is often difficult.  The Bible tells us to always count the cost of what we decide to do, and make sure that we follow Jesus.  If we do this, we can be sure that the rewards are great!

You can choose between pleasure in this life and then an eternity in Hell, or you can choose to serve Jesus and then enjoy Heaven for ever.  Jesus made His choice.  In Hebrews 5:8-9 we read:

"Although He was a son, He learned obedience from what He suffered,
and once made perfect, He became the source of eternal salvation
for all who obey Him."

Jesus was willing to lay down His life on the cross, so that our sins could be be forgiven, and that we could be saved.  Now it's your turn to choose.  (Show the pen again).  Which way will you are you going to choose?



The pen rises to the top because its density is less than that of the water in the bottle.  When the sides of the bottle are squeezed, the water becomes compressed.  This decreases the volume of the pen slightly and and its density just slightly above that of the water, and so the pen will sink.

God bless!

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