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On Eagles Wings

A hairdryer blowing on the wings


The Holy Spirit wants to blow in our lives so that the mighty arms of God can lift us above our problems and circumstances.

Materials You Need:

A powerful hair-dryer with a round spout.
A4 sheet of paper.
Glue and Sellotape.
Nylon fishing line.
Plastic drinking straws.


Trim a sheet of paper to 120 by 305 mm.  Fold the paper in two, so that one half is 15 mm shorter than the other.  Tape the edges together so that the bottom is flat and the top is curved into an arch.  Make a vertical hole through the wing 1/3 back from the front, and feed a 30mm length of straw through the holes and glue it in place on the top and bottom of the wing.

Feed fishing line through the straw and have two people hold it stretched tightly in a near vertical position.  Blow cold air on the front of the wing from a hair-dryer and see it rise like an eagle.  Practice this before you the lesson to find out the best angle for the line, and the best position to hold the hair-dryer!


Both birds and aeroplanes use the air moving over their wings to push them upwards and allow them to fly.  Our paper wing rises as the wind from a hair-dryer blows over its surfaces, and shows us how the Holy Spirit blows into our lives to make us soar "On wings of eagles".


Isaiah 40:31.



When Moses went up into the mountain to meet with God and receive the Ten Commandmants, God told him to say to the people of Israel (Exodus 19:3-6):

"You saw what I did to Egypt,
and how I carried you on eagles' wings and brought you to Myself.
Now if you obey Me fully and keep My covenant,
then out of all nations you will be My treasured possession."

This Scripture shows how God cared for the Israelites and later brought them safely out of Egypt into the Promised Land.  The condition of this promise was that they needed to serve and obey God fully.  If they did, then they would be God's special possession and enjoy His blessings and protection.

God is Mighty:

God is the Creator of the heavens and earth and does not grow tired or weary.  This makes us realise that there is a great, big, wonderful God living in us.  He is bigger than all our difficulties and knows how to solve our problems.

I have made this paper wing and it reminds us of the mighty arms of God which can carry us when we are weak, protect us from evil and harm, comfort us when we are sad, meet our needs, and always care for us.  Isaiah 40:31 says:

"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not be faint."

I'm going to blow air from the hair-dryer onto the wing (Blow air from the hair-dryer onto the wing and it will rise up the line).  See, it soars upwards on the guiding line like an eagle does in the wilds.   Eagles ride the warm air currents and soar effortlessly to great heights.

God's Spirit Blows:

This shows us how the Holy Spirit can blow in our lives and how mighty arms of God can lift us above our problems and circumstances.  If you look at your problems through your eyes, they will seem enormous and God seems to be small and far away.  However, if you look at them through the eyes of God, then they are very small in comparison to our great big, wonderful God!

The line we used for the wing represents the Bible that guides us to God, and in our lives day by day.  It reminds us of the many promises that God has made in His Word.  Find them, and they will help you in times of need.  Then apply the promises to your life and put your problems in God's hands, and then you will find that you will soar on wings like an eagle!



The curved surface of the wing causes air to move faster over the top of the wing than below over the bottom.  The faster moving air has less pressure than the slower moving air on the bottom of the wing.  The greater pressure underneath then pushes the wing upwards.  This effect is called the Bernoulli principle after Daniel Bernoulli, a Swiss mathematician who lived in the mid 1700's.

God bless!

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