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Blown Away!

Blowing between the cans


The Holy Spirit wants to blow in your life so that you will be blown closer to Jesus.

Materials You Need:

Two empty cold-drink cans.
25 straight plastic straws.


Lay out straws 10 mm apart and parallel to each other on a flat surface.   Place the two cold drink cans about 50 mm apart on the straw "rollers."   The cans must be able to roll freely back and forth.  Using an extra straw, blow between the cans and this will cause them to roll towards each other and bang together.  Practice this before telling the lesson so that you know where to place the straw and how hard to blow!


Blowing between two cold drink cans creates a low pressure that draws them together.  This is like the Holy Spirit blowing His gentle wind into our lives to brings us into a closer relationship with Jesus.


John 17:20-21.



We frequently see on TV how tornados and cyclones can destroy homes, possessions and lives.  The Bible speaks about the wind in many places and of the destructive forces that it can bring.  Paul and Jonah were two people who experienced great storms while they were travelling in ships.  The Disciples also faced contrary winds that make it hard to steer their boat in the direction they wanted it to go.

Jesus was not worried by winds, because He is the master of the Universe and had only speak a word.  This would still the storm and cause the wind and waves to die down.  The Holy Spirit is spoken of in the Bible as the "Wind of God".  The same Spirit wants to blow in our lives today.   I have a little experiment to show you (Lay out the straws and place the two cold drink cans on them about 50 mm apart).

Blown Closer:

This can represents you and I, and the other one is Jesus.  I'm going to blow between these two cans.  What do you think will happen? (Let the children respond).  Well, let's see what happens (Blow through a straw between the two cans).  You were wrong!  They moved and banged together!  That's how the Holy Spirit wants to blow us closer to Jesus!

Perhaps you thought that the cans would roll apart due to the force of the air I blew between the cans.  Well, the air rushing between the cans lowers the pressure of the air between the cans.  The air pressure on the outer sides of the cans was then greater and caused them to roll together.

A Mighty Rushing Wind:

God's Spirit came like a mighty rushing wind on the day of Pentecost.  He blew into each of the lives of the Disciples and drew them together into a close-knit family, so they even shared all their possessions.  Since they were so close to each other, the Power of God was set free and many miracles happened.  Jesus wants to do the same today, so that He can bring us close together.  Then He will be able to do mighty things in our lives and in our Church.

Close to Jesus:

What about you?   Are you far away from Jesus?  John 17:20-21 says:

"I pray also for those who will believe in Me,
that all of them may be one, Father,
just as You are in Me and I am in You."

In this passage Jesus prays for everybody who would believe in Him, that they would be close to each other and to God.  These verses show us that Jesus and the Father work together and have the same goals, the same power and have all things in common.  In the same manner, Jesus wants us to be one with Him.  Will you let the Holy Spirit blow you close to Jesus and let Him work out His will and purpose for your life?

As you get closer to Jesus, you will find that He will not only live in your life, but will fill you with His love and joy.  Perhaps you would like to bow your head right now and ask Jesus to send the Holy Spirit to blow into your life to draw you closer to Jesus.



In 1738, a Swiss mathematician named Daniel Bernoulli studied the relationship between the pressure and velocity of fluids, for instance air.   Bernoulli's Principle states simply that the pressure of the air will decrease as its velocity increases and applies to the two cold-drink cans.  As the velocity of the air between the two cans increases as you blow air between them, the air pressure decreases on the inner sides of the cans.  The pressure of air on the outsides of the cans is then greater, and this pushes the cans towards to the area of lower pressure and causes the cans to roll towards each other.

God bless!

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