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Be Magnetic!

Making an electromagnet


People are drawn to the love and warmth of our Saviour, like a magnet attracts metals.  To be attractive like a magnet, we need to live lives that are pleasing to Jesus.

Materials You Need:

A large nail to make an electromagnet.
At least 5 metres of thin enamelled copper wire
(available from Electronic or Radio and TV shops).
Insulation tape.
A large torch battery.
A number of small nails.
Fine sandpaper.


  1. Wind all the enamelled copper wire around the nail to make an electromagnet.
  2. Tape the ends of the coil to the nail so that the wire does not unwind.
  3. Use sandpaper to remove the enamel off the ends of the wire.
  4. Touch the ends of the wire to the battery and the nail will become magnetised.
  5. It will pick up a number of small nails as long the battery is connected to the coil of wire.


Jesus said that we are the "Light of the World" and this attracts others to God.  The electromagnet needs a battery to attract nails.  This shows us that we need the power of the Holy Spirit to attract the unsaved into Christ's Kingdom.

Note: This is a good project for the children to make in class and then share the lesson as an outreach activity.


Matthew 5:16.



Jesus spoke said, "I am the light of the world".  When we give our lives to Jesus, the light of God shines into our hearts and He changes us into a brand-new person inside.  We find that we no longer want to do wrong things and we want to please Jesus in everything we do.  God gives us the desire to read the Bible, pray and worship Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

Our old friends often cannot understand why we have changed and no longer want to go to some of the old places we used to go to, or do some of the things that we used to do.  They can't understand why we would want to go to Church and serve and praise God.  Jesus told us in Matthew 5:16 to:

"Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds
and praise your Father in Heaven."

Attracting Others:

Now that Jesus has come in to our hearts, we cannot help but to begin to shine for Him, as the power of the Holy Spirit works in our lives.  And so people are drawn to the love and warmth of our Saviour.

An electromagnet needs power from a battery to be able to attract these nails.  (Display the electromagnet and attach the battery and pick up some nails).  Now it has power, the electromagnet can do it's job and attract these nails.

The Power of the Holy Spirit:

To be attractive as Christians, we need to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to Jesus.  We need to pray and talk to Jesus everyday and ask Him to make the Bible meaningful to us as we read it.  Then the Holy Spirit can work in our lives and fill us with His power.

Just like the battery's power causes the electromagnet to pick up nails, so the Holy Spirit's power will cause us to shine and start to attract other people to Jesus.  We had to attach the battery to the coil to make it an active electromagnet.  To receive the Holy Spirit's power, we have to ask Jesus to fill us with the Holy Spirit.  You can ask Him now and become an active Christian "electromagnet" today.

God bless!

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