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Bitter Lemons

A lemon battery and testing the voltage with a meter


Are we willing to let the Holy Spirit fill us with love?  If we are, God will change us into a People of Power that can change the world!

Materials You Need:

A fresh green lemon.
A sharp kitchen knife.
A strip of zinc and a strip of copper (about 1cm x 8cm).
Two crocodile clip wire leads.
A 100 micro-ampere meter or a sensitive multimeter switched to a low voltage range.


  1. The strip of zinc can be obtained by cutting off the casing from a large dry battery cell.
  2. The strip of copper can be obtained from electrical supply stores.
  3. The crocodile clip wire leads and the 100 micro-ampere meter are obtainable from electronic supply stores.
  4. Alternately a sensitive multimeter can be obtained from the same source.


  1. Clean the strips of metal with a scourer until they are shiny bright.
  2. Cut the lemon in half and push the zinc and copper strips into the fruit on opposite sides of the lemon.
  3. Using the wire leads, connect the copper strip to the (red) positive terminal of the meter, and the zinc strip to the (black) negative terminal.
  4. The lemon will generate an electrical current which will be shown on the meter!


Our lives can be bitter and twisted like lemons.  But, just as it is possible for a lemon to produce power, so God chooses to make us into a People of Power that can change the world.  Watch the meter respond to the electrical current produced by the lemon!


Ephesians 1:18-19.



I have a large lemon tree growing in my garden.  Sometimes the lemons are not only bitter, but they can be deformed as well.  Our lives can also be bitter and twisted just like my lemons.  How could God ever choose to make us into a People of Power that can change the world?  (Let the children respond).

I have this lemon from my tree and I'm going to cut it in half.  (Cut the lemon in half cross-wise).  I need someone to help me.  Can you taste it and see if it is a sweet lemon?  (Let a child taste it).  You say it's bitter, well that's not so good is it?   But, do you think that it is possible for a this lemon to produce something useful? (Let the child respond).

Lemons are Useful:

I'm going to take my half and push strips of zinc and copper into the fruit.   (Push the metal strips into opposite sides of the fruit).   Now, I am going to connect it to this meter.  (Using the crocodile clips, connect the copper strip to the positive (red) terminal of the meter and the zinc to the negative (black) terminal).

What has happened?  (Let the children respond).  Yes, you are right, the meter is showing that an electrical current is being produced by the lemon.  My lemon is useful and it produces power!

Too Hard for God?

God can take each one of us, no matter how weak we may be, and can change us, and fit us for His work.  Even if we are bitter and twisted, the love of God can melt our hearts.  If we ask God, He will heal all our hurts by pouring out His love into our innermost parts.  In Jeremiah 32:27 God asks:

"I am the LORD, the God of all mankind.
Is anything too hard for Me?"

The answer is "No!"  God is All-Powerful and made the heavens and the earth by His great power.

God has Power:

Do you think that the electrical power produced by my lemon could electrocute me?  Let the children respond).  No, it won't because a lemon can only produce a weak current.  God wants His love and power to flow out from us and change the lives of other people.  We can do this by sharing what God has done for us in our lives.  Ephesians 1:18-19 says:

"That you may experience and be changed by
His incomparably great power for us who believe."

God wants to Heal:

If you have been hurt by someone who has let you down, or if your parents have separated or divorced and you feel you are the cause of it.  Or, if you feel neglected because your parents are too busy with their work.  Or, if you feel hurt because children at school mock and reject you, remember that Jesus loves you and wants to heal you from all your hurts.

Are you willing to let God work in your heart and change you into a Person of Power by letting the Holy Spirit fill you with love?  Ask Jesus do this in your life.  You will then be able to hold up your head and face people tomorrow with confidence.  God's love will strengthen you, and people will see the love of God in you, and will be drawn to God.   Let's pray and ask God to change us into People of Power.

God bless!

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