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Hovercraft and Flying Saucers

Floating a ball on air!


God wants to provide our every need.  We need to open our hearts so that the Holy Spirit can move us into God's will. We just need a little faith to believe in God and trust that He has the power to do the impossible and meet all our needs.

Materials You Need:

A table tennis ball.
Two one-litre plastic ice-cream containers.
A five-litre plastic ice-cream container.
An aluminium pie dish.
A craft knife.
A hair-dryer with a round nozzle.


All the activities

  1. Switch the hair-dryer on (high, cold setting) and direct the air blast upwards.
  2. Hold the ball above the air stream and release it, and it will remain suspended in the air flow.
  3. Cut a 50 mm hole in the base of one of the one-litre ice-cream containers.
  4. Invert both containers and place them upside down on a table and direct the air stream from the hair-dryer directly onto them in turn.
  5. The hole-less container will remain stationary, but the one with the hole will begin to glide over the floor as the air causes it to ride on a cushion of air like a hovercraft.
  6. Cut a 50 mm hole in the centre of the lid of the five-litre ice-cream container.
  7. Replace the lid and cut another hole in the centre of the bottom that will just fit over the nozzle of the hair-dryer.
  8. Insert the hair-dryer and switch it on (high, cold settings), and then lower the hair-dryer/container set-up (your "Ray Gun") until it's over an aluminium pie-dish placed upside down on the table.
  9. When you lift it up, instead of blowing the pie-dish away, it remains suspended below the ice-cream container!


  1. Is it a UFO and can objects float in the air?  Our table tennis ball does the impossible and floats on air, just as we need to trust God to do miracles in our lives!
  2. Our hovercraft needs a hole in it to make it move, and we need to open our hearts so that the Holy Spirit can move us into God's will.
  3. Can you pick up a pie dish using air?  Well, Peter stepped out onto the water in faith.  God has the power to do the impossible in our lives, like our "Ray Gun" that can pick up a pie dish!


Mark 9:23.



The story of Peter walking on water in Matthew 14:22-31 shows what faith can do.  When the disciples saw Jesus walking on the lake, they were terrified.  "It's a ghost," they shouted and cried out in fear.   But not Peter, he stood up and said, "Tell me to come to You on the water."  Jesus said, "Come" and so Peter climbed over the side of the boat and began to take steps on the water.  It was only when the waves began to splash him that Peter began to doubt.  He become afraid and began to sink and cried out, "Lord, save me!"

Jesus was right there to reach out His hand and save Peter.  Jesus is always near us and ready to hear us cry out for help and for Him to meet our needs.  Normally nothing can float on air, but this hair-dryer will make it possible to float this table tennis ball in air.  (Float the ball on the air stream of the hair-dryer).  It's a miracle just like Peter was able to walk on the water.  He stepped out in faith and we too need to trust God to work in our lives.  Isaiah tells us in chapter 32:17-18 that:

"The fruit of righteousness will be peace.
The effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.
My people will live in peaceful dwelling places,
in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest."

This means that we should lean back as if we were in an armchair and trustingly rest in Jesus for all our needs, just as the ball rests in this current of air.


Here are two ice-cream dishes.  You can see who loves ice-cream!   Let's see what will happen if we blow on them.  We'll put them upside down on the table and blow with the hair-dryer on them.  (Blow on the one with no hole in it).  This one seems to be dead and does not want to move.  It's not open to God's leading and is only interested in doing what it wants to do.

What about this other one?  Let's see what happens.  (Blow on the one with the opening).  I see this one is open and allows the air to flow in and lift it up so that it can move like a hovercraft.  I can direct it wherever I want it to go.  (Move it around the table or on the floor).

We need to open our hearts too, so that the Holy Spirit can work in us and move us to do the will of God.  As we serve God with all of our hearts, we open our hearts to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  We will then be guided in the way that God wants us to go.  Isaiah 30:21 says:

"Whether you turn to the right or to the left,
your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying,
This is the way, walk in it."


I have this super-duper Ray Gun.  (Insert the nozzle of the hair-dryer into the hole in the five litre ice-cream container and display it as if it was a ray gun).  If this was on television, I would wipe you all out with it in two ticks!  How did I make it you ask, well first you need some Kryptonite ....  (Open up the five-litre container).   Oh no!  This just seems to be an empty ice-cream container!

Sorry!  I can't wipe you all out today, I'll have to try again tomorrow!  (Replace the lid and insert the nozzle of the hair-dryer into the hole).  Maybe I can blow you away with it!  (Switch on the hair-dryer and pretend to blow away the audience).  No, that didn't work, you're still all here!

What about this pie dish?  (Place the pie-dish upside down on the table).  What will happen if I blow onto it.  Do you think it will move around like the other container with the hole in it?   (Let the children respond).  Let's try and see what happens.  (Lower the hair-dryer/ice-cream container set-up until it touches the dish).  I'm a bit scared to move it.

What do you think I should do?  (Wait for a response and then lift the Ray Gun up slowly and the dish will remain suspended below it).   Well, how about that, I thought it would blow away!  But my Ray Gun picked it up!  It's got power just like Jesus has the power to meet every need that we have.

Ask and Believe:

When Peter started to sink, Jesus reached out His hand and caught him.   "You have so little faith," He said, "Why did you doubt?"  We only need to trust Jesus even though this sometimes seems so difficult.  The Disciples were amazed when the wind died down as Jesus and Peter climbed into the boat.  Then those in the boat worshipped Jesus and said, "Truly you are the Son of God."

Let's do the same and worship Jesus, realising that He is the Son of our Almighty God.  This will make all our problems seem small, as we think of how big and able our God is.  God can provide our every need just as He promised to.  We just need a little faith to believe in God.   He has the power to meet all our needs.  He will guide us just like the ice-cream hovercraft.

He has the power to pick us up like the "Ray Gun", and He can do miracles like the floating ball.  All we have to do is ask God to meet our need.   In Mark 9:23, the Bible says:

"All things are possible to him that believes."

Dare to believe for God says, "Try Me!"



The ball floated in the air current because the pull of gravity on the ball was balanced by the upward flow of the air flow.  The faster the air moves, the lower it's pressure and so the pressure of the air from the hair-dryer was lower than that of the surrounding air.  Whenever the ball moved out of the air flow, the pressure from the surrounding air pushed it back and so it floated above the hair-dryer.

The air flowing from the hair-dryer through the hole in the hovercraft container forms a cushion of air between the container and the table.  This reduces friction and by angling the hair-dryer, you can cause the hovercraft to speed on it's way.  The hole-less container did not lift or move as air could not enter the container and form a cushion for it to ride on, and so it remained stationary.

This principle also applies to picking up the aluminium plate.  Air flows over the plate at a high speed creating a low pressure.  The air underneath the plate thus has a higher pressure and this pushes the plate up against the ice-cream container, and enables the plate to be picked up.

God bless!

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