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Easy Science Object Lessons

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H'mm, this had better work!!

Science provides us with many effective Object Lessons that aid in sharing the Gospel and Bible concepts with children.  They will remember the experiment and the underlying message or truth.  The Holy Spirit can then apply these to their lives and bring about the lasting life changes that we so earnestly pray for.

  1.  Introduction

  2.  Chemical Cabbages - Colour changes showing who Jesus is

  3.  Weighed in the Balance - Your hidden sins have found you out!

  4.  Blown Away! - Cold-drink cans show Jesus' love for children

  5.  Eagles Wings - We soar to heights on Paper Wings

  6.  Always - Paper Cups fly our prayers to God

  7.  Bridge to Heaven - Gumdrops bridge the River of Sin

  8.  The Big Fizz - Joy that Jesus give bubbles over

  9.  Obedient Pen? - Obedience, leads to Heaven

  10.  Hovercraft and Flying Saucers - God can do the impossible

  11.  Astral Balloons - Prayers fly to our great big God

  12.  Bitter Lemons - God make us into a People of Power

  13.  Which Way? - Jesus changes our way to Eternal Life

  14.  Be Magnetic! - Magnets attract others and so should we

  15.  Dirty Hanky - A boy thought he was clean inside


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