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Rope Tricks

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Rope Tricks you can do

Gospel tricks and illusions are a tool that appeals to children and carries the all important Bible message.  A life application is included with each illusion to encourage and challenge your children to add good Christian values to their daily lives.  Our objective is to use tools that will help make the Gospel easy to understand and remember and we want to bring honour and glory to Jesus.

  1.  Introduction

  2.  Three Gods - but One? - Three ropes explain the Trinity

  3.  With God all Things are possible - Nothing is impossible for God

  4.  Obedience is the Key - Obedience brings God's blessing

  5.  The Strong and the Weak - Prayers pull down strongholds

  6.  Damaged Lives - Sin destroys, but Jesus restores again

  7.  Jesus Working in My Life - Pendulums show Jesus' power in our lives

  8.  Drawn Away from God - Pendulums show how others can influence us

  9.  The Power of Sin - Surely one little sin won't hurt?

  10.  Growing in Grace - We grow spiritually by doing God's will

  11.  Faith can Remove Mountains - With God I can do anything

  12.  Sin separates Us from God - Sin prevents us from reaching God

  13.  Dirty Washing on the Line - Our sins are like dirty washing on a line



  15.  Set Free - Jesus sets us free from the devil's power

  16.  Growing as Jesus Grew - God wants children to grow and please Him


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