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The Power of Sin

Just a little cotton!


Cotton may be weak and easy to break, but the devil insists that one little sin won't hurt us at all.  But, keep on doing it and you will soon be bound!

Materials You Need:

A roll of cotton (any colour).


Cotton is wound a few times round the two forefingers of a boy.  He breaks it easily, but like sin eventually binds us, he cannot break the cotton when it is wound many times around his fingers.


Romans 8:2.



Those little white lies surely cannot harm us.  Everybody says so.   Do you believe this?  (Let the children respond).  No, even "little" sins will eventually harm us.  Can Satan bind us so that we cannot get free from sins? (Let the children respond).  Yes he can, until at last we cannot free ourselves from habits such as swearing and lying.  This demonstrates that only Jesus can set us free from sin and the power of the devil.

Cotton is Weak?

Cotton weak and easy to break, isn't it?  I need a strong boy to help me.  Thank you.  Now I am going to take some weak cotton and bind your fingers  (Wrap a few strands of the cotton round his two forefingers and tie the ends).  There, now try to break it (He will easily break the thread).  That was easy, wasn't it?

Well, let me do it again.  (Wind about thirty turns around his forefingers).  Now, try to break it again (He will struggle and fail to break the thread).  You see, but you can't break it!   The devil does the same to us by keep on tempting us to sin, until in the end we cannot stop.  The Bible refers to him as the "strong man."

Set Free:

But we are set free by Jesus' death and His power to save us.  Romans 8:2 says:

"But God set you free when He sent His own Son
to be like us sinners and to be a sacrifice for our sins."

I will use these scissors to represent Jesus  (Cut the threads).  Now you are free again.  Let's pray and ask Jesus to break the hold of every sin in our lives.

God bless!

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