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Rope Tricks

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With God all Things are Possible

All things are possible with God


With God the impossible is always possible.

Materials You Need:

A length of 6mm soft white rope about 1,5 metres long.


What is difficult or impossible to us, is easy for God.  It seems impossible to tie a knot with one hand.  But this is done to show that God has the answer to all our needs no matter how hard our circumstances may seem.

Performing the Effect:

  1. Fold the rope over the right hand and lift up the ends and grasp them between the first two fingers.
  2. Ensure that the ropes stay in order as the figure shows.
  3. Display the rope and then drop the outer end.
  4. Then tip the hand downwards so that the loop falls off your hand and onto the rope where it will form the knot.


Mark 9:14-27.



The Disciples had tried in vain to heal a boy possessed by an evil spirit.  In desperation the father brought his son to Jesus for healing.   "Have pity on us and help us" said the boy's father.  In Mark 9:23, Jesus replied:

"All things are possible for him who believes."

The father then exclaimed "I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief".   You see, he was not even sure that Jesus could heal his son.  How like us.  When we come up against big problems, we often doubt and cannot believe that God can supply our need and answer our prayers.

It seems impossible to tie a knot in this rope with one hand (Perform the effect).  There, what do you think of that?  A knot tied with one hand!  Did you believe that I could do it?

Overcoming Fear and Unbelief:

Like the father of this boy, we can ask Jesus to help us overcome our fear and unbelief.  And then with trust in our hearts, we can bring our needs to the Lord in prayer.  All we need to do is ask, and we will find that the answer will come, as Jesus cares for each one of us very dearly.  Just imagine how Jesus looked down on that son with compassion in his eyes, and then rebuked the evil spirit and set that boy free!

It did not seem possible to tie a knot with one hand.  The Bible tells us in Mark 10:27, that:

"With God, all things are possible."

And so, we tied a knot to demonstrate that nothing is too hard or impossible for God to do for you.

God bless!

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