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Rope Tricks

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Easy as 1-2-3!

Gospel Illusions:

Gospel rope tricks, illusions and lessons carry a strong message.   Children remember them and the Holy Spirit will apply the truths to their lives.  All Object lessons are a powerful means of teaching Bible truths by creating interest.  We want to share a set of easy to do rope tricks, illusions and lessons that require only simple props.  With a little practice, you can present these at any children's gathering.

Teaching children should be inspiring, exciting and fulfilling.  Our aim with these lessons to give you another tool that will add a new dimension to your teaching and bring new excitement and enthusiasm into your class, Sunday School or children's ministry.

Why Use Illusions?

Gospel tricks and illusions are not magic and have no association with magic done in the world.  Our intention is not to mystify, but to use a tool that appeals to children and carries the all important Bible message.

Suitable For:

These lessons are suitable for primary school children from grades 1 to 7.  They will help beginner and advanced teachers add new spice and enjoyment to their class time.  A life application is included with each illusion to encourage and challenge your children to add good Christian values to their daily lives.

Materials Needed:

All the tricks, illusions and lessons require 6mm diameter soft cotton rope except where noted differently.  When you cut this rope, seal the ends with clear glue so that the rope ends do not unravel.

Important Note:

Except where indicated, NEVER SHOW OR TELL the children how to do the tricks and illusions.  If you do, the trick will lose it's appeal and you will never be able to use it again.  However, do tell your children that you are just performing a trick.  There is no magic involved.  We don't want them to get hung up on anything that would degrade the Gospel.

Our objective is to use tools that will help make the Gospel easy to understand and remember.  We want to bring honour and glory to Jesus and share the Gospel in ways that are attractive to children and young people.

God bless!

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