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Mini-Object Lessons

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Keys to a Kid's Heart

Mini-Object lessons are five-minute Bible messages that create interest with an object so that the lesson can be easily absorbed and remembered.

  1.  Temple of the Lord - or the tower of disaster?

  2.  Do or Done? - being Saved begins with a big Done!

  3.  The Knob-less Door - Jesus is waiting for you to open

  4.  Painful Chains - Sin binds us until we cannot get free

  5.  Hot under the Collar - But Jesus can change us and keep us cool

  6.  Sugar and Stones - Our lives become sweet with the love of Jesus.

  7.  Filled with His Love - More than enough to share with friends!

  8.  Five Finger Exercise - We can know we are pleasing God

  9.  Controlling Your Tongue - Unkind words sure can hurt!

  10.  Five Stones - But with God, David only needed one!

  11.  Eyeball Apples! - Did you know that we are very precious to God?

  12.  God's Glove - He holds us safe and secure and blesses us

  13.  A Clean Heart - You need one if you have heart problems!

  14.  Self-Esteem - Helping children build their self-image

  15.  Where I came From - God created us and does not make mistakes

  16.  Why am I Here? - What God wants to do with our lives

  17.  My Potential - God has given us abilities and wants us to use them

  18.  My Destiny - Where am I going?

  19.  Fear or Confidence? - We can face our fears with God's help

  20.  Who I Am - We are special to Christ Jesus

  21.  Forgiving Others - God helps us to forgive those who hurt us

  22.  God Uses Children - What you can do in the work of God


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