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Battling the waves


Sometimes we are faced with danger, but we can trust God to protect us.


Psalm 91:9-11.


The Big Storm:

Bob's father was a fisherman and one day he was late in returning from a fishing trip.  The sky became pitch black and the wind began to buffet David as he waited anxiously on the jetty for his father.   He prayed, "Lord please keep my father safe and protect him from this awful storm!"  His heart beat faster when the storm blew harder and waves began to break over the harbour wall.

Lightening flashed almost continually and thunder roared until the very earth shook.  Bob felt his faith falter.  How could his father's dinghy ever survive such weather?  He sat down under an upturned boat and closed his eyes tightly and prayed again, "Oh God, You said that if we make You our shelter, then no harm will happen to us.  Please see that no harm comes to my Dad."

He's Lost!

As he sat there and stared towards the lighthouse at the entrance of the harbour, he could only imagine the worst.  Why, even the lighthouse could hardly be seen and it was quite close inshore.  He shivered and wrapped his arms around himself.  "My father must make it!" he exclaimed fiercely, "He just must!"

At last he saw a boat battling to come into the harbour against the wind and waves.  It was - yes, it was his father!  David watched fearfully as the little boat was tossed to and fro by the massive waves.  It seemed as if the dinghy would be swamped at any moment.  But, slowly his father came nearer.

God Heard My Prayer!

At last David ran down the steps and grasped the mooring rope and tied it to a ring on the jetty.  His father was safe!  As his father climbed wearily out of the dinghy, David shouted, "Dad, you're safe!  I thought you had drowned!"

"I nearly did," replied his father, "But God must have helped me, because I was nearly swamped several times by huge waves."  As they walked home, David gasped, "Then God heard my prayer.  I asked Him to keep you safe!

That night the family sat down together and thanked God for saving David's father.

Facing Danger:

Sometimes we are faced with danger, but God is always there for us.  He has promised to keep us safe for God loves and cares for us very deeply.  We need to always remember to ask and trust God to protect us, even when circumstances seem hopeless.  It may seem impossible to us, but Psalm 91:11 says:

"For He will command His angels to guard you in all your ways.

This means that we can find safety in God, so pray daily to Him - as you go to school, as you come home, and as you go to bed at night.  God hears your prayers and will protect you every day.

Remember what Psalm 91:9-10 says:

"If you make the Most High your dwelling, even the Lord,
Who is my refuge, then no harm will befall you."

God bless!

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