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Most Precious

Just a mutt .. but precious!!


It's what is inside of a person that counts.


Jeremiah 31:3.


That Mutt!

Mrs Harris was walking her dog down the road on a fine summer's day.   As she went past the park, some children peeked over the fence and yelled, "Hey, where did you get that ugly mutt?"  They then collapsed on the grass laughing at her little brown mongrel dog.

As Susan hurried past, she felt sorry for the old lady.  But, she was surprised when Mrs Harris winked at her and softly said, "It's not what's on the outside that counts!"  Susan stared at her as if she was mad as the old lady went on her way humming to herself.  It was a very thoughtful girl who wandered home that day thinking about what Mrs Harris had said.

Fat and Ugly!

Several days later, Mrs Harris was out walking her dog again.  As she walked past the park she heard someone crying.  A young girl was lying on the grass with tears pouring down her face.  "Whatever is the matter child?" she asked kindly and patted the miserable child on her shoulder.

At first Susan just shook her head and didn't want to say anything.   Mrs Harris lifted her up and led her to a nearby bench and asked, "Now tell me what is troubling you, it can't be all that bad?"  Susan cried, "Oh, but it is.  I'm fat and ugly, and nobody likes me!"

Loyal and Full of Love!

Mrs Harris lifted her head and looked into her eyes.  "Did you know that you are precious in God's sight?" she asked.  Susan shook her head and mumbled, "There's nothing in me that is worth anything."   Mrs Harris pointed to her ugly little dog who was sitting at her feet and gazing up at her with a look of love.  "Look at Buster, see how he loves me, and he's just a mutt that wandered into my house one day.

Oh, he's nothing to look at, but he's loyal and full of love for me.  In fact he's become my most precious possession ever since my husband died last year.  He'll never win a prize at a dog show, but I love him!  He comforts me and makes me laugh with his antics when I'm sad."

Susan stared down at the little dog who was rolling on the ground begging for his tummy to be scratched.  She bent down and tickled the little dog's tummy.  She then her wiped the tears away and turned to Mrs Harris, "I can see that he is worth a lot to you."

Precious to God!

"And you are worth at lot to God!" replied Mrs Harris, "God made you with a purpose and He loves you very much, so you must never think that you aren't worth anything.  God made you specially and the Bible says that He loves you with an everlasting love!"

Susan sat up and started to look much more cheerful.  "Does God really love me so much?" she asked breathlessly.  "Oh yes," laughed Mrs Harris, "I want you to remember next time you feel down, that you are most precious to God!"

A happy girl went home that day.  She didn't feel fat and ugly anymore - she felt loved!  Later that evening as she lay in bed, she whispered, "God I love You and Jesus, and I'm most precious to you!"   When her mother came in to tuck her in, she wondered why there was a smile on the sleeping girl's face.

God Loves You!

You may not be the best looking, or the most popular, or the most clever person, but do you know that God loves you very dearly too?  It's not what's on the outside that counts, but what's inside your heart.

It's your nature, your kindness and the way you treat people that make you a valuable and good person.  God loves you so much that His Son, Jesus Christ died for your sins.  In Jeremiah 31:3 God says:

"I have loved you with an everlasting love,
and I have drawn you with loving-kindness."

If you ask Jesus to be your Saviour, you will come to know and feel God's wonderful love each day as you follow Jesus.  You are most precious to God, so make sure He's your Best Friend!

God bless.

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