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Chasing Shadows

Chasing my shadow


Our shadow is a picture of ourselves, and we need to make sure that our's is always Christlike.


Psalm 17:8.


Shadow Boxing:

One morning the sun was shining brightly in the room where Johnny was playing and he noticed his shadow moving on the wall as he bent this way and that.  He got all excited and began to dance around and pretended to box his shadow.  His father heard him running around and knocking things over.  "What on earth are you up to?" asked Dad as he came rushing into Johnny's room.

"Look, my shadow is boxing with me!" shouted Johnny as he ducked and dived while he punched the air.  "So I see!" replied Dad and laughed at his son's antics as he stepped into the sunlight.  Johnny let out a yell and pointed to the wall.  "Look, now there's a man and he's going to fight me!"

It Does as You Do!

Dad joined in the fun until they both collapsed breathlessly on the bed.  When they recovered their breath, Dad turned to Johnny and said, "You know your shadow does exactly what you do.  When you are good, so is your shadow, and when you are naughty your shadow will be naughty too!"

"But my shadow is not always with me," said Johnny.

"Whether we can see our shadow or not, one thing is sure," replied Dad, "It's our companion and is always with us.  We need to make sure that it is always true and strong.  And there is another thing we can be sure of.  Our shadow is one which either helps or hinders someone else."

God's Shadow:

Dad went on, "Did you know that the shadow of the Apostle Peter brought healing and comfort to those who were in need?"  "No," said Johnny, "Does God also have a shadow?"  "Oh, yes!" answered Dad, "In the Bible we often read about God's shadow and how it protects and helps us.  Psalm 17:8 tells us how precious we are to God:

"Keep me as the apple of your eye and hide me in the shadow of your wings."

Shadows Need Sunshine:

"Great!" exclaimed Johnny, "I'm going to ask God to keep me in His shadow every night when I go to bed!"  Dad smiled and said, "But, when there is no sunshine, we can't see our shadows.  In fact, the stronger the light is, the deeper and clearer the shadow.  And so when we stand in God's sunlight, the shadows we cast will be strong and clear.

Let's remember that our shadow is a picture of ourselves and shows us just as we are.  If we always do things in a way that pleases Jesus, the shadows we cast will be true and strong and Christlike."

"Thank's Dad," said Johnny, "We had lots of fun today.  From now on I'm going to make sure that my shadow is a good one because I want to please Jesus in all I do!"

And I hope you have a good shadow too!

God bless.

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