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Prince of Liars

Running Away


We need to be a Prince of Truth, so that others can see Jesus in us by the way we behave and talk.


Matthew 7:18.


Playing Hooky!

One fine spring morning the Prince of Liars felt very pleased with himself.  He loved to tell lies and would do so at the drop of a hat.  He had told his mother earlier that he had a bad headache and so she told him to stay in bed until he was better.

Hooray!  His lie had worked and now he didn't have to go to school!  As soon as the front door shut and his Mom left for work, he jumped out of bed and got dressed in old clothes.  He was going to have the time of his life playing hooky from school!

Found Out!

He rushed out the back door and pulled his go-cart down the drive into the road outside their house.  He tried to push himself along, but it was no good.  The road was too flat and he needed a hill.  Yes!  A little way past his school was another road and it was a steep hill.

And so he bent down making himself as small as possible and crept past his school hoping that no one would see him!  Little did he know it, but it was break-time and several boys saw him and wondered what he was doing.  After break they told their teacher and she went to the Principal and reported what they had seen.

No Brakes!

In the meantime, the Prince of Liars was pushing his go-cart up that very steep hill.  When he reached the top he stopped and wiped his brow.   This was hot work!  He climbed into his go-cart and gave it a hard push with his foot and the wheels started turning and his cart gathered speed.

Soon he was flying down the hill which stretched on for at least a kilometre.  He suddenly realised that he wouldn't be able to stop - he had no brakes!

The Big Smash!

He panicked as he reached his road and swung into it.  His go-cart wobbled wildly and tumbled over and over.  The Prince of Liars went flying into the air and skidded along the road!  He gingerly picked himself up and stared in dismay at the blood dripping from his elbow and knees!

Now he was in trouble and all he could do was to limp off home pulling his broken go-cart behind him.  His Mom found him groaning from pain when she got home.  She bathed his sores and put him to bed.   There was no supper and he was in big trouble!

More Trouble!

The next day at school he was even deeper in trouble!  The school principal called him into his office.  Lies did not help as the truth came out.  Punished at home and punished at school!

The Prince of Liars made up his mind never to lie again.  It just wasn't worth it!  I hope he took the time to read Matthew 7:18 in his Bible:

"A good tree cannot bear bad fruit,
and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit."

Kings Kids!

And what about you?  Do you like telling lies?  Or do you tell the truth and behave like a true King's Kid?  Remember, we are the children of Almighty God and that Jesus lives in our hearts as our Saviour.

We need to be good trees and bear good fruit!  People should see Jesus in us by the way we behave and talk, or does your behaviour tell others that you are living a lie?

Are you a Prince of Liars, or a Prince of Truth?

God bless!

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