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Sparkling Flakes

Gathering manna


Our Spiritual food is reading God's Word and talking to Him.

Bible Text:

Ecclesiastes 12:1a.


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Joanna looked at the rolling sand dunes of the desert and thought how pretty the sparkling white flakes looked in the early morning sun.  They were everywhere and covered the desert sand as far as she could see.  "What is it?" she asked her mother as she collected a handful and poured it into the clay jug at her mother's feet.   "Moses said it is called manna," replied her mother, "And it's the bread God has sent for us to eat."

Just then some strangers came running up to where their friends and neighbours were busy filling pots and basins with the strange white flakes.  The men roughly pushed the women aside and even punched one of the men who tried to stop them from grabbing all the manna they had collected.

Today's Portion:

"What rude people they are!" exclaimed Joanna, "They didn't have to do that because it's lying all over the ground and everywhere."   Her mother drew her away and said, "There's more than enough for all of the people of Israel, for God always provides our needs."

She put her arm around Joanna and hugged her, "Moses spoke to God and He sent us food from Heaven."  Joanna looked up to Heaven and asked, "Is it food that the angels eat?  "Yes," answered her mother, "Now come, let's go back to our tent as we have enough for today's portion."

Enough for Today:

As Joanna followed her she asked worriedly, "But what about tomorrow, shouldn't we gather more for it?"  Her mother shook her head, "No, Moses commanded us to collect just enough for the day and not to try and save any for the next day, because then it would turn bad."

"But why did God make that rule?" Joanna wanted to know.  Her mother sat down under the shade of a tall palm tree and patted the sand next to her.  "Sit down next to me and I will explain it to you."  Joanna did so as she popped a handful of manna from their jug into her mouth.  As she chewed she laughed and said, "It's delicious, and tastes just like honey!"

Her mother smiled at her enthusiasm and said, "I'm glad you like it because we are going to eat it for many days."  She thought for a moment, "God told us to collect just enough for our portion every morning.  And then we will think about Him every day and remember to thank Him for His care for us.  It's not enough if we only think of Him on a Sabbath or a feast day".

Joanna thought about the kindness of God every day.  Each time they sat down to a meal she would look at her mother, and then bow her head to say a 'thank-you' to God.

Result of Disobedience:

Next morning they awoke to shouting and anger in the camp.  "What a dreadful smell," exclaimed her father.  All around people were throwing manna onto the rubbish heap.  "So!" came a angry voice, "You refuse to pay attention to me!  And now the manna you kept overnight is rotten and full of maggots.  It's stinking out our campsite!"  A shiver ran down Joanna's back as she watched an angry Moses waving his arms and shouting at the disobedient people.

Next day as Joanna walked into the desert she whispered, "Mother I'm so glad we obeyed Moses.  He was awfully angry at those disobedient people.  We must make sure we gather new manna every day!"   Her mother nodded as they started to gather manna to refill their empty jug.  She gave Joanna a hug and replied, "Daughter, I am proud of you.  You must never forget that your name means, 'God is a gracious Giver' and that He can be trusted to meet our daily needs."

Your Portion:

Well, Joanna grew up and eventually went into the promised land with the Israelite people.  But she never forgot to take time to think about God and His kindness every day, because she knew that He loved her.

And that's why God wants boys and girls to read the Bible and talk to God every day.  It's your spiritual food and will help you to grow up as good children of God.  I hope you will remember this story and know that we serve a wonderful God.  He still graciously protects us and gives us our daily needs.

It's your daily portion - a kid's portion.  Make sure you get it!

God bless.

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