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Rainey's Adventure

My ice world


Jesus is bigger than all our problems and we can call on Him when we need help.


Psalm 95:2 and Jeremiah 32:27.


A Land of Ice!

Rainey was an Eskimo girl who lived in a far northern land that was full of ice and snow.  She lived with her family in an igloo.  This was a round house made of ice.  It looked like an upside down half of an orange and instead of a door had a tunnel through which you had to crawl to enter the house.  Although it was made of ice, it was warm inside and the family was very comfortable.

Everybody had to help and their job was to hunt and catch their food as nothing would grow in the ice and snow.  Rainey's work was to paddle their canoe and to hunt with her family for seals.  They also fished from the sides of ice-flows and icebergs.

The Huge Bear!

One day she was fishing all alone on a large ice-flow.  It was a large flat sheet of ice and she was sitting on one edge when she suddenly felt the ice tip.  She jumped up in alarm and gasped in terror when a huge polar bear climbed onto the ice-flow behind her!

She knew that polar bears were very dangerous and was horrified when the beast growled at her and began to stalk towards her.  What should she do?   She had no where to run to.  The ice-flow was too small and she was terrified as the bear came nearer and nearer!

I Need Help!

Some months ago Rainey had listened to a missionary who came to her village.  What had the man told them?  Oh yes!  She remembered he said that Jesus was bigger than all our problems and that we could call on Him when we needed help.

Well, she needed help and she needed it right now!  "I don't want to be a meal," she gasped, "Can the Jesus that man spoke about really help me?"   She looked up into the sky and whispered, "Jesus, I've got a big problem.  That bear's going to eat me and I really need your help!"

Too Late!

The bear kept coming closer and closer.  Rainey smelt a horrible rotten smell and looked right into a mouth filled with huge teeth!  She screamed, "Jesus help me!" as the bear let out a huge roar and lunged at her.  There was no hope, she was dead and closed her eyes tightly.

All of a sudden there was a loud crack.  The ice-flow split right down the middle and the bear slid down into the sea!  Rainey fell on her knees when she saw that she was safe on the remaining half of the ice-flow.   A sudden gust of wind caused it to drift away from the bear and the frustrated animal roared again and angrily climbed onto a nearby iceberg.

Rainey was safe and suddenly realised that Jesus must love her!  There was great joy when she got home safely and told her family and friends that what the missionary had said was really true, and how Jesus had saved her from a hungry polar bear.

Jesus Loves Me!

Rainey learnt that in Jeremiah 32:27, God really means it when He said:

"I am the Lord ... Is anything too hard for Me?"

Yes, and we know that Jesus loves us too.  Nothing is too hard for Him.  He is bigger than all our problems and we can call on Him when we need help!  Lets agree with Psalm 95:2 where David exclaimed:

"For the Lord is a great God."

Is your God big enough?  And can He do anything?  I know He is and I hope you do too!

God bless.

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