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Butch's Muscles

Hang on!!  We're coming!


We need to be changed like Butch was, when he asked Jesus to be his Saviour.


Psalm 19:1.


Want a Bashing?

Butch was showing off his muscles again.  Any opportunity and out came the muscles for everyone to see and admire.  How boring!  Not that Horace realised this (for that was Butch's real name).  He was so taken up with himself that nobody else's opinion mattered.  And woe betide you if you called him "Horace"  A bashing was yours for the asking!

Anyway it was holiday time and Butch was going hiking into the mountains with his class.  The first day's hike went well, except that Butch kept on rushing ahead of everybody to show how tough he was.  "Come on you slobs," he jeered, "If only you were tough like me!"


Next day as they set off, their leader warned everybody to keep well away from the steep drop.  "Sissies!" jeered Butch, "Just watch how brave and strong I am."  And he began to walk along the very edge of the path.   "O-o-o-h," exclaimed some of the children, "You'll fall if you don't look out!"

Butch puffed his chest out, "Never," he boasted, "Run off and play little rats."  And so the children walked off in a huff and disappeared along the path as it twisted round the mountain side.

The Disaster:

"Wait for me!" yelled Butch.  But, just then his foot slipped and he found himself sliding down the steep drop!  "Help!" he yelled.   But it was too late!  His fingers skidded through the loose gravel and he gasped, "It's the end," as he tumbled and bumped into rocks before landing with a thud on a small shelf of rock.

He yelled as pain speared through his leg and to his horror he found two ends of bone sticking out.  "My leg!" he yelled, "It's broken!"   He nearly fainted when he saw how the rock overhang hid the path where they had been walking.  "They'll never find me now," he cried, "I'm hidden on a ledge and they won't see me!"  In terror he called for help, but no one answered.

Does God Care?

Butch kept on calling until the sun went down in a fiery ball of crimson.  He shivered as shock set in and mumbled, "I going to die either from cold or hunger!"  As he lay there, darkness fell over the mountain.  Butch looked up at the stars and thought about what his leader had spoken about at last night's campfire.

"Look at the stars," the leader began, "The Bible tells us in Psalm 19:1, that God created the heavens and named all the stars one by one!   And goes on to tell us that:

"The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of His hands."

"Oh, God," murmured Butch, "Are You really up there?  Our leader says You are a Great Big God.  I don't want to die here.  I'm sorry that I was such a pig to all the children.  Will You please help me?"

It's no Use!

While he was praying, he heard a faint call, "Butch!" echoing in the distance.  His hopes started to rise as torch light flickered over the mountain slopes coming nearer and nearer.  Soon he heard voices on the path above him and tried to call out.  But only faint croaks came out!

He dispaired as the voices faded in the distance and gave up trying to call.  "It's no use!" He groaned, "I'm just going to die here!"  But just then a voice called, "Butch?  Is that you?"

The Rescue:

"Yes," gasped Butch, "I'm on a ledge of rock below you and my leg is broken.  The children gathered above Butch and discussed how they could rescue him.  "We can't do it," said the leader, "We need ropes.  Neal and Ryan, go down the mountain to the Ranger's house and ask him to phone for paramedics and rescue equipment.

Butch felt relieved when he heard the sound of sirens.  "Hang on Butch," shouted the children, "We'll soon have you rescued!"  The paramedics let down a stretcher and splinted Butch's leg, and then hauled him up to safety.

A Change of Heart:

As Butch lay in hospital, he thought of how God had answered his prayer for help.  He closed his eyes and asked Jesus to come into his heart.  "Make me new, Jesus," he whispered, "I have been a real beast to everybody."

Later that week his class came and visited him.  They were amazed to find a different person from the tough old Butch.  "What's happened to you?" they asked.  "God gave me a miracle when you found me," replied Butch, "And Jesus has come into my heart!

A New Person!

Jesus changed Butch into a kind and helpful boy.  His class were very thankful and soon made friends with him.  But, one thing did not change.  "Don't ever call me Horace if you want to be my friend," scowled Butch, "Just call me Butch!"  And so they all did - even his teachers and parents!

What about you?  Have you looked up at the stars and thought of the wonderful glory of God?  Won't you be like Butch, and ask Jesus to come into your heart as your Saviour and Best Friend?  Jesus is waiting for your call right now!

God bless.

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