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Little Feather's Adventures

The big feather


Growing as a Christian and learning to trust God.


A story that can be told in seven parts about a young Indian girl named, Little Feather, who learnt to know God and to trust in Him.


Hebtrews 2:13a, "I will put my trust in Him."


1. Learning about God

Finding the Feather

Little Feather was a young girl who was born in a Red Indian village.   When she was a baby, she got her name when an eagle's feather blew into her parent's wigwam and landed on her face.  "Little Feather!" they all exclaimed and from then onwards it became her name!  When she was ten she wanted an eagle's a feather to show how brave and fearless she really was.

So she climbed the nearby mountain and searched until she found a huge feather.  She stuck this in the leather band she wore around her forehead and then paraded through her village letting everybody admire her eagle's feather.  That night she proudly led the village children in a dance to the moon while the tom-toms thumped out a wild rhythm.

Mother's Dying!

It was a month later when her mother became sick.  Little Feather bathed her mother's face to try and cool her fever.  All she could do was to chant a prayer, not to our God, but to the sun, moon and stars her tribe worshipped.  She called on the Great Spirit in the sky.   But it was in vain.  Her mother lay there near death gasping for breath.

Fortunately, a Missionary arrived just in time at her village.  The Chief brought the Missionary to where her mother lay.  He spoke kindly to Little Feather who had forgotten how brave and fearless she was supposed to be.  In a flood of tears she cried out that her mother was dying.

The Missionary comforted her and then prayed with Little Feather and gave her mother medicine.  The next day her mother's fever broke and she grew better day by day, and after a week she had fully recovered.

Finding Jesus

During this time the Missionary told Little Feather about Jesus and how we need to give our hearts to Him.  Little Feather was excited and ran inside the wigwam to fetch a big sharp knife.  She wanted to cut her heart out and give it to Jesus!  She held the knife to her chest and called out, "Here's my heart Jesus!"

Her mother shouted to the Missionary to stop her - and he did just in time!  He explained to Little Feather that God wanted all of her - alive and not dead!  That day Little Feather gave her life to Jesus and what a joyful day it became!  She told everyone how she wanted to cut her heart out and give it to Jesus-God-in-the-Sky!  But, Jesus heard her prayer and came and lived in her heart instead!


2.  Prayer makes You Brave

I'm not Afraid!

Little Feather was walking through some tall trees on the mountain side when suddenly she felt uneasy.  She looked around but there seemed to be nothing to be scared of.  She remembered that the Missionary had told her to always pray so that God could help her to overcome her fear.   "Dear Jesus in the Sky.  You live in my heart now, and I need to help me be brave."  She shook her long black hair and cried, "I will be brave ... Jesus is here to help me!"

But, her courage faded when a growl came from trees in front of her.   She looked wildly around, but could see nothing.  She went slowly forward and saw a tawny brown shadow lying on a low branch just over the trail!  The growl came again and this time the animal stood up and hissed at her.  With her heart in her mouth, Little Feather whispered, "I will not be afraid.  Jesus is with me and I belong to Him!

The Mountain Lion

With a sudden snarl the animal leapt to the ground and she saw that it was a fully grown mountain lion!  The beast opened its mouth and growled fiercely at her.  She shuddered to think what those sharp teeth and claws could do to her body.  Should she run, or should she stand still?

"No!"  She cried, "Jesus is with me.  And lion you must go!"   To her amazement, the beast loped off into the wood and disappeared into the trees.  "Whew!  Thank you Jesus." exclaimed Little Feather, "You are a mighty strong God-in-the Sky!"

The Pow-Wow:

With grateful thanks bubbling in her heart, Little Feather ran all the way home.  That night the tribe held a big pow-wow around a huge bonfire.  She went up to the Chief and asked, "Can I say something?"   He thundered, "Quiet!  Little Feather will speak!"

The braves stopped dancing and sat down around Little Feather.  She explained how she had met a full-grown mountain lion on the trail, and how Jesus had taken away her fear, and answered her prayer by chasing away the lion before it could hurt her.

Brave Feather!

"I think we should change your name!" shouted one brave.  All the Indians agreed.  "I name you Brave Feather" rumbled the Chief, "You are no longer a Little Feather, but brave like the proud eagle feather you wear!"

Later that night, a brave but very tired young girl entered her wig-wam and whispered, "Thank you Jesus."  She snuggled down in her blanket and said, "What a true and faithful Friend you have been to me!"  And with a happy smile on her face she fell into a peaceful sleep.


3.  A Miracle Answer

The fierce warrior!


A year later Brave Feather (remember she was no longer Little Feather) was out searching for berries and roots to add to their food supply.  She had wandered all day and not found much because the weather had been hot and dry for several months.  As she walked over the brow of a hill, she spied some warriors from a rival tribe riding towards her.  They were painted with fearsome streaks of red, blue and yellow and were armed with tomahawks and bows and arrows.

Brave Feather quickly hid behind a bush, but she was too late.  The warriors had seen her and spurred their horses towards her.  She looked up in terror as a fierce warrior loomed over her and raised his tomahawk to strike her.  Shutting her eyes tightly, she waited for the blow to fall.  Instead, she was roughly jerked to her feet and thrown over the back of a pony, and then the warriors galloped back to their ragged village.


"You are a spy!" boomed the fierce looking warrior.  "Stake her over the over this ant hill and she'll soon tell us the truth!"  They tied her legs and arms to stakes and soon ants began to bite her and as time went past, the boiling sun baked her body.

"I will not scream," breathed Brave Feather, "Jesus, I need a miracle to save me!"  All that afternoon she lay there twisting and turning in agony as ants crawled all over her body.  When night came, the ants retreated back into their nest.

Set Free!

Suddenly there was a rustle in the bushes near her and a small head cautiously popped up.  It was her friend Running Deer!  He inched closer being careful not to make the slightest noise.  A knife sliced through her bonds and the ropes fell away and she was free!  Helping her up, Brave Feather managed to limp away into the woods.

All through that night they moved as fast as they could and as dawn broke, they thankfully descended into their own village.  Everyone was so happy to see them and listened in awe of how a miracle from Jesus had saved her life.


4.  A New Creation

I'll get Even!

Brave Feather was very unhappy.  Many times during the day and at night when she lay upon her bedroll, she would remember the burning pain of the ant biting her and the cruelty of the warriors who had captured her.   She hated them!  If only she had a spear or a bow and arrow!  She imagined how she would stab the spear into that brave and then shoot him full of arrows.  "Take that and this!" she shouted, "And see what its like to feel pain!"

But this didn't help and she only became more angry and bitter.  "I'll get even with them even if it's the last thing I do!" she vowed.  "The last thing you do?" asked a gentle voice.  She swung round and found the Missionary standing behind her.  "Why are you so mad and vengeful?" he asked.  "I was captured and tortured over an ant nest," she explained, "And now I'm going to get even!"

Hate and Anger!

"That's not a brave thing to do," said the Missionary, "You are becoming Little Feather again and are thinking of doing something wrong.  You gave your heart to Jesus and He made you a new creation."  Brave Feather was puzzled.  "What do you mean by that?" she asked.

"Jesus changed you and made you brand new inside," replied the Missionary, "You wanted to serve and please God in all you said and did.  Think about it and you will see that you need to forgive those warriors who hurt you and get rid of all that hate and anger."

She shook her head and snarled, "Never! I'll get even!"  The Missionary shook his head and walked away praying that Jesus would help Brave Feather see that she was doing wrong.

New Clothes!

It was time to make new clothes and moccasins.  The braves from her tribe had come back from a successful hunt and the women had prepared soft deer skin for Brave Feather.  She helped her mother cut and sew a new tunic and decorate it with fringes.  They fashioned new leggings and a soft pair of moccasins.  As she dressed in the new clothes, her mother exclaimed, "Why, they make you look like a brand new person!"

Brave Feather was touched to her heart.  "I have been a bad person," she stammered, "I didn't realize how hateful I have been."  "Please forgive me, Jesus," she whispered and suddenly joy filled her heart as she was able to forgave those warriors for what they had done to her.

"Now you are not only wearing new clothes, but Jesus has changed you into a brand new person!" exclaimed her mother.  "Yes, now I am a New Creation in Jesus, just like the Missionary said!"  And a joyful girl danced all around the camp!


5.  Becoming a Warrior

Only A Girl!

It was spring and all the young boys were excited as they were about to be initiated into becoming braves.  Brave Feather went to the Chief and told him that she wanted to become a brave as well.  "No!  You are only a girl!" the chief patiently explained.  But she stubbornly insisted that it was her right to become one of the braves as she wanted to not only be fearless, but a hunter and warrior as well!

The chief had no choice and grudgingly allowed her to join the boys as they were taught to fight and hunt with bow and arrow, spears and tomahawks.  She soon showed that she was just as good as any boy.  Even in tracking, she could track the most skilful brave no matter how had he tried to hide his trail and footprints.

The Test!

At last the big day arrived.  Each boy had to climb the steepest side of the mountain and remain in the bush for three days and three nights.   Brave Feather fearlessly climbed up the mountain and even though she slipped and fell many times, she at last came to the top and found a tiny spring.  "Good, now I have water!" she thought as she made a brush shelter from some branches and set snares to catch rabbits.  She then happily waited not three days, but five!

When she eventually descended and heard voices calling her name.  "I'm a fighter!" she whispered and stalked the searchers all the way back to their camp.  As they gathered around her parents, they sorrowfully reported, "She must be lost and dead.  We searched everywhere and there was no sign of her."  They jumped with fright as an unearthly scream erupted behind them.

A New Warrior!

"Dead?" she shouted, "But I'm alive and well!"  She threw down four rabbits she had caught and exclaimed, "I'm a brave, and a warrior, and a hunter and here's food for the tribe!"  What a welcome she received from the chief who announced, "Brave Feather is our newest Warrior and Hunter.  Welcome her everyone!"  Brave Feather was sure she saw a tear in the old chief's eye but he quickly turned away in embarrassment.

And that new warrior?  She not only served that tribe by hunting and searching for food, but she served Jesus by being kind and helpful to every person she came in contact with.  And you can be sure that she made Jesus very happy!


6.  Lost in a Blizzard

A Storm Is Coming!

As the leaves began to change into yellow, orange, red and eventually fall, the day came when Brave Feather was our hunting in a new part of the country.  She didn't notice that dark and threatening clouds were gathering until the temperature fell and all of a sudden she was cold.

She took her blanket off her pony and wrapped it around her shoulders.   "There's a big storm coming" she told her pony, who whinnied and anxiously pawed the ground.  Brave Feather mounted and turned the pony for home.  Small flakes of snow began to fall, but these soon grew in size and the wind began to gust.  In minutes the storm became a blizzard and the trail disappeared under a thick blanket of snow.

Hopelessly Lost!

She couldn't see which way to go and soon was hopelessly lost.  "What shall I do?" she cried, "Brave Feather is lost and frightened!"  She patted the neck of her pony to encourage the animal.  "Please Jesus, I don't want to die out here.  Can You show me the way home?"

Her pony began to trot in a direction she was sure was wrong.  She jerked on the reins, but the pony insisted in going his way.  Too tired to fight the horse, she dropped the reins and let the pony chose his own way.  They plodded on, up and down up, over hills and through deep drifts of snow.

Guided To Safety!

Once the pony stumbled and Brave Feather landed face down in a deep snow drift.  She struggled to dig herself out and looked like a snowman with snow covering her and a mouthful of ice!  She wiped her face and clambered back onto her tired pony.

They went on and hours later an exhausted girl and pony stumbled into their village.  "I'm safe!" exclaimed Brave Feather to the people anxiously waiting for her.  "I was lost in the blizzard, but Jesus helped me and showed the pony the way to come home!"

It was a lesson she never forgot.  She knew that God wanted to guide her, and she made sure of always asking God to keep her safe and guide her in all she did and wherever she went.


7.  The Attack

Is He Dead?

The people came running as the echo of a gunshot faded away.  Some bad people had come to their village and were causing trouble.  And now a gun shot!  Brave Feather ran to the meeting tent and gasped when she saw the Missionary lying on the ground.  There was blood all over his chest and she saw a hole in his shirt where blood was oozing out.

People gathered around and thought that the Missionary was dead.  "It can't be," said Brave Feather, "He was such a good man!"  She knelt at his side and opened his shirt to see the gunshot wound.  "Look there's blood also coming from his back," said one man.  "Good that means the bullet is not in his body," exclaimed her mother, "Go and fetch cloths, water and the herb poultice I made for cuts and sores.  Brave Feather ran to do this and prayed hard as she ran, "Please Jesus, please let the Missionary live!"

Spare His Life!

"Take him to my wigwam," her mother commanded.  Several braves gently carried the Missionary and laid him on a blanket.  Brave Feather set down a bowl of water, the herbs and several cloths.  She helped her mother bathe the wounds and make pads to cover the bullet holes.   They lastly bandaged his chest tightly with long strips of cloth.

That night the Missionary developed a fever and groaned as he tossed and turned.  Brave Feather sat besides him and sponged his face and made him drink special herbs to break the fever.  She prayed every day as she nursed the Missionary.  One night she thought he was going to die.  His temperature rose and his fever reached its climax.  She prayed for him again and begged God to spare his life.

At last she fell into an exhausted sleep.  Hours later she awoke with a fright.  The wigwam was very quiet and there was no sound of breathing from the Missionary.

He's Dead!

"He's died!" she wailed.  Her mother came rushing in and placed her hand the Missionary's nose and then felt his forehead.  "No!  He's alive and is breathing easy.  Good!" she exclaimed, "His the fever has broken at long last."  Brave Feather was thrilled, "Jesus heard my prayer and now the Missionary is going to get better!"  Several days later, a weak man walked unsteadily out into the sunshine and all the tribe gave a cheer and ran to hug him.

Brave Feather couldn't stop telling anyone who would listen of how God had heard her prayers and rescued their beloved Missionary!  She loved being a warrior and a hunter, but she whispered to her mother that she also liked being kind and helping other people!

Helping Others:

You may not be a warrior, or a hunter, or a brave person.  But I hope you love helping and being kind to other people!

God bless.

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