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Elephant Seal and the Ant

Wow, he's just a huge food mountain!


Jesus wants us to be willing to serve God every day.


1 Chronicles 28:9, "Serve God with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind."


Fat Slob!

Ernie was a fat elephant seal.  Every day he would lie in the sun and sleep all day.  He used to snore so loud that the ground almost shook.  But, I suppose if you weighed as much as he did, you would do the same!  Occasionally he would open one eye and flip sand onto his back with one of his flippers.  Otherwise he was just a big fat slob!

By contrast, Tippy was a large red ant.  He belonged to a colony that lived in some rocks just behind Ernie.  Each of the millions of ants had their very own tasks to perform.  Tippy's job was to collect food.  He would work industriously from morning to night.  Often Tippy would climb onto Ernie's huge body and wander about seeking crumbs of fish that he would carefully carry back to the nest.  And then the other ants would store it away as food for the colony.

Food Shortage!

Ernie would from time to time reluctantly slide into the sea with a huge splash and gulp down the teaming fish that swam near the shore.  One year the fish did not appear as the sea began to ice up, and he began to get hungry.  But he was lazy and refused to fish further away.   Months later a starved and skinny Ernie was forced to swim far away to new shores in order to survive.

The Proverbs 6:6-9 commends the hard work of ants:

"Go to the ant, you lazy idle person and consider its ways and be wise!
It has no commander, overseer or ruler,
yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.

Plenty of Food!

While lazy Ernie was sleeping and snoring the day away, Tippy and his co-workers had continued to gather and store food.  When the freezing weather settled in, they lived for months on their stored food.  Warm weather eventually returned and the sea melted and the fish returned.

One fine day the elephant seals waddled up on the beach and contentedly settled down to doze in the warm sun again.  Tippy and the other ants came out and feasted on crumbs of fish that they found on the sleeping animals.

And guess what?  Yes, they carefully carried back what they found to restock their food store in the ant nest!

Serving God:

Jesus doesn't want boys and girls to be lazy.  He wants you to be willing to serve God and please Him in all you do and say.   1 Chronicles 28:9 says:

"Serve God with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind."

How can you do this?  Well, you can read your Bible and do what it says.  You can pray everyday and ask Jesus to guide you, and help at school to understand what you are learning, and to work hard at your lessons and homework.

And then you need to obey your parents, and be kind to other people, and tell your friends and other children that Jesus loves them.

What else could you do to serve and please God?

God bless!

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