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I Wanna GO!

My heart belongs to Jesus


God wants us to be keen to go to Heaven.


John 14:1-4.


Where's Heaven?

Janine was laying on the porch swing one evening looking at the stars.  "Aunt Sally," she asked, "Where's Heaven?"  Her aunt pointed up into the sky, "It's up there, way beyond the stars."  Janine gazed at the sky and asked, "Then where do the angels get their food?  Do they have cows up there and plant wheat like my father does?

"No, silly," chuckled her aunt, "God has special food for the angels."  "I like food," said Janine with a huge smile on her face.  Her aunt laughed, "So I've noticed!"  Janine suddenly sat up, "But how can we get to Heaven?  "Does God have a special rocket or does He just beam us up to Heaven?

The Result of Sin:

Her aunt laughed, "No, long ago God made the earth and all that is in it.  He made the first man, Adam and his wife Eve.  They lived in a beautiful garden called Eden and looked after all the flowers, plants and animals.  But, one day they disobeyed God and ate from the 'Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil'."

She went on, "As a result, they died and now all of us will die, not just to be buried, but to be separated from God forever."  Janine jumped up and exclaimed, "That's terrible how could God do that?  It's not fair!  God made Heaven for us and now we can't go there!"

The Way to Heaven:

"No, that's not true," said her aunt, "God knew that we could never live up to His standards and please Him.  That's why He sent His Son, Jesus to die for us.  Jesus lived a perfect life and never did anything wrong."

She looked at Janine, "The Bible says that, 'The wages or punishment for sin is death.'  And so Jesus had to die in our place.  But, three days later He arose from the dead, and that shows us that God accepted His death in our place."

"But," stammered Janine, "If Jesus did that, how can we get to Heaven?"   Aunt Sally smiled, "The Bible tells us that Jesus is the way!"  Janine looked puzzled.  "I don't understand," she said.  Her aunt leaned forward, "All you have to do is to tell Jesus that you have done wrong things and ask Him to forgive you and make you clean inside."

Belonging to Jesus:

Janine looked up at the stars, "If You are listening, Jesus, I want to belong to You, but I've done plenty of wrong things, and I'm sure I've done a whole heap of things that didn't please you!"  She bowed her head and whispered, "Please Jesus, make me clean inside as I would really like to go to Your Heaven and live with You there."

Her aunt wiped away a tear, "If you like, you can asked Jesus to come and live in your heart and be your Saviour.  He will make you one of God's children and give you eternal life."

Janine shouted, "Yes, Jesus, please come and live in my heart.  I can't wait to see you in Heaven!"  She started to dance around the porch smiling from ear to ear, "I really believe Jesus heard me, Aunt Sally!"

I Wanna Go Right Now!

She skidded to a halt and hugged her aunt.  Questions poured out of her.  "Are the streets really gold?  Will my mom be there?  Will I have a bed or will I have to sleep on a cloud?  What will I wear, and must I pack all my clothes?"

Janine eyes sparkled and she exclaimed, "Well, I wanna GO RIGHT NOW!!"   And with that she rushed inside shouting, "I'll get my suitcase and pack!"  The screen door slammed and Aunt Jane was left laughing on the swing.

The Hurricane!

She went inside and caught up with Janine in her bedroom.  It looked like a hurricane had struck with clothes and toys scattered all over the room!  Janine was busy yanking out the last drawer.  "I must take all my best things," she muttered, "Jesus won't want to see me to looking a fright in these old jeans!"

Aunt Sally held onto the door and laughed and laughed until the tears poured down her cheeks.  "Janine, stop it!" she cried, "Jesus wants you to go to Heaven, but He also wants you to live your life here on earth so that you can tell others about Him."  Janine sheepishly started to pick up all her things, and her aunt helped her to pack them neatly away again.

Growing for Jesus:

They sat down together and Aunt Sally explained how Jesus wants us to live for Him each day until one day when we die.  "Jesus wants us to grow as a Christian by reading the Bible every day, and asking Him to guide and keep us safe, and to give us all we need.  If we do this then we will please Jesus in all we do.  And not only that, but Jesus wants us to tell others that He loves them and also wants them to go to Heaven."

Janine did what her aunt had told her and her desire to please Jesus and go to Heaven never left her.  Her life changed and she became a happy child of God.

Living for Jesus:

Are you expectantly waiting to go to Heaven?  Janine was so keen, she couldn't wait and wanted to go right now!  What about you?  Are you ready to ask Jesus to come into your heart and be your Best Friend, Lord and Saviour?  If you do, He will give you eternal life and make you into one of God's children.  Then one day when you die, you will live with Jesus and God forever in Heaven.  In John 14:1-4 the Bible says:

"In My Father's house are many rooms ...
I am going there to prepare a place for you.
And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back
and take you to be with Me so that you can also be where I am."

I hope you will be keen to go to Heaven, and want to go right now!

God bless.

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