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Joy in Jesus

The Word of the Lord


The Holy Spirit gives us joy in serving Jesus.


Nehemiah 8:10b.


The Sunday School Visit:

Mark was excited.  He was going to a new Sunday School with his best friend.  Peter had been telling him for weeks what a cool teacher they had in the Grade 6 class.  He could hardly wait until Sunday came.  He walked into class with Peter and sat down and looked around at the happy expectant faces of the other kids.  He wished he could be like them and be happy inside.

The lesson that day was about Nicodemus who came secretly to Jesus one night.  Mark listened to how Jesus told him that he must be born again.   This puzzled Mark until the teacher explained that no one could enter the Kingdom of God unless he has his sins forgiven and asks Jesus to be his Saviour.  Jesus promised in John3:15 that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life.

"Let's say the next verse together," suggested their teacher.  And so they said John 3:16 together, "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

I need Jesus!

Mark suddenly shouted, "Hey Teach!   I need Jesus!" and the kids nearly jumped out of their skins.  The teacher was pleased and asked all the children to bow their heads.  "Mark, ask Jesus to forgive you for all the sin and wrong things you have done, " said the teacher, "And then ask Him to make you clean inside, and come into your heart as your Saviour."

Mark did so and prayed.  He then looked up with a great big smile.   "I know Jesus heard me because I really meant what I said!"

"Praise God!" said the teacher, "Now ask Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit so that your life will bubble with joy.  The Holy Spirit changes you and makes you into a child of God.  He also fills you with His love so that you can care for other people and tell them about Jesus."

A New Mark!

Mark prayed again and went home that day with joy in his heart.  His parents and friends were amazed when he told them what he had done.   They watched as he read his Bible and prayed every day.  They saw how Jesus had changed him into a kind and caring person.

The old sad Mark was gone forever!  Now there was joy in his heart and he told everybody he met that Jesus loved them, and wanted to be their Saviour and Friend.

A New You!

What about you?  Will you ask the Holy Spirit to fill your life with joy until you bubble over like Mark?  Jesus will be only too pleased to answer your prayer!  Mark found that Nehemiah 8:10b is really true.  It says:

"For the joy of the Lord is your strength."

Why don't pray and ask the Holy Spirit to fill your life with joy until you bubble over?  He will!

God bless.

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