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Aaron and Jesus

Jesus blessed Aaron


Jesus wants to bless us and change our lives, so that we will grow up to be just like Him.


Jeremiah 1:3.


Mud Sticks!

Aaron banged on Anna's door.  "Come out and play," he called.   Anna ran out and shouted, "What can we play today?"  Aaron thought for a moment, "Let's go down to the river and play mud-sticks!"  "Oh, goody," said Anna, "I always win and you look so stupid with clay all over you!"

They raced off down to the Jordan river and found a muddy patch of clay.  Soon the hills rang with shouts of glee as they picked up lumps of clay on their sticks and hurled them at each other.

The battle raged to and fro until both looked as if they had been dragged backwards through the sticky black clay.  "I quit!" shouted Anna, "I'll let you win today!"  Hooray!" yelled Aaron, "Now let's climb up on this bank and ambush travellers as they pass by!"

So they climbed to the top of a high bank and hid behind some bushes.   As passerby's came along, the children jumped up screaming and pelted any who were unfortunate enough to come within range!

The Teacher:

The children sat giggling as they waited for their next victim.  Just then a tall figure came into view on the road below.  There was a large crowd of people following Him.  "Stop!" shouted Anna, "That's the Teacher.  He's such a nice and kind person.  We mustn't hurt Him."  The children watched with interest as Jesus sat down on the bank of the river and began to teach the people.

Aaron itched to sling mud at someone, but Anna stopped him just in time.  "Let's get closer and hear what the Teacher has to say," she suggested.  "Alright," replied Aaron, "You go first while I throw this last mud-stick."  And before Anna could stop him, the clay whizzed through the air to land on the neck of a large man.  He gave an angry bellow and Aaron danced just out of his reach as he tried to catch him.

"Simon," came a calm voice, "Leave the child alone.  He is only playing."  Simon-Peter gave an angry grunt and returned to his place.  The giggling children crept closer so that they could hear what Jesus was saying.  Every now and then the large man glared at them so they were too scared to get really close.

I Want a Blessing!

"Look Anna," cried Aaron, "The Teacher is blessing the children and I want Him to bless me too!"  Anna exclaimed, "Oh, no you can't, we're too dirty for Him to touch us."  But she was too late, Simon had turned around and seen them.  He reached out large hands and grabbed them."

"Master!" he called, "Here are the brats that threw clay at me!"  With that he pushed the two muddy children into the open where people stared at them.  The children tried to escape from Peter, but he was too strong.  They looked up as a pair of kind eyes twinkled down at them and a warm voice asked, "Would you like me to bless you as well?"

The Touch of the Master:

Aaron felt something touch his heart as Jesus looked at him with a tender look of love.  Anna tugged at Aaron's arm.  "Let's go," she whispered, "It's not right for us to be here."  "No, I want to be blessed by the Master," murmured Aaron.  Anna watched as Aaron went boldly to the Teacher.  Jesus did not seem to mind the mud as He reached out a hand and placed it on Aaron's head.

"And what about you, little one," asked a gentle voice, "Would you like Me to bless you as well?"  Anna shyly moved forward and felt a warm hand tussling her hair.  Jesus looked up to the sky and said, "Father, bless these two little ones and keep them and use them in Your kingdom."

The Master smiled at them and said, "You had joy playing in the mud, and I will give you joy in serving Me when you grow up."

I Want to be Like Him!

The two children stood waving as the Master strode off with the crowd.   Later that night Aaron poured out to his mother all that had happened to them, and told her of the love he had seen in Jesus' eyes.  Just before he fell asleep he whispered, "Mom, I love the Teacher and I want to grow up to be just like Him!"

And I hope that you dear child will want to do the same.  Jesus is your Best Friend and loves you very dearly.  Remember, in Jeremiah 1:3, God said:

"I have loved you with an everlasting love."

Let's pray now and ask God to bless you and change your lives, so that you will grow up to be just like Jesus!

God bless.

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