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The Straight and Narrow

by Angie

Two Ways


We need to make sure we are on the narrow road that leads to Heaven.


Matthew 7:14.


An Ordinary Road?

I found myself in a beautiful meadow one morning.  Bright green grass covered the hills and little streams trickled down the slopes.  The sun had risen and was shining brightly.  It felt good to have pretty flowers beside me and the cool wind blowing over me!  I was glad I was the only one here or was I?  I thought I heard voices.

I couldn't believe it!  There was a whole group of people coming my way!  Not many people do, so this was a moment to remember!   They all seemed to be very excited about something, and I strained to hear what they were saying.  They were talking about Jesus!  I love Him too, but they didn't seem to notice me.

Stay on Me!

It didn't worry me though, as I knew sooner or later they would notice me!  But they kept on walking.  If only they would stay on me!  You must be wondering what I am?  I thought I was just an ordinary road, but I found out something wonderful!  If they would stay on me, they would not get lost!

Matthew 7:14 has this to say about me:

But the way that leads to life is narrow and only a few find it."

A Stoney Road:

As they travelled further I noticed that they weren't so comfortable any more!  You see, I have a some stones that seem to find there way into their shoes.  Some people stop and take them out, but others try and pretend that they're not there and carry on walking.  I call these stones the "conscience".  Yes it's true, some people will ignore their conscience and that is very dangerous!

I was glad to see that nobody was giving up, but I knew that harder times were up ahead!  I kept on looking around for the Big Broad Road who usually shows up when things seem hard on my side!  I couldn't see him yet but I knew he was coming!

I'm not a very big road.  Actually I'm small and narrow!  As I watched this group of people following my way, I wondered who would last!  After the stones came some rocks, and although I have sign boards warning them, they didn't see them and were falling and tripping all over the place!

The Broad Road:

Yes, Mr. Big Broad Road was right beside me and he was trying to get people to cross over to his side!  When some saw how easy his road was, they crossed over and I heard him give an evil chuckle!  I was heartbroken!  There were no sign boards, no stones, no rocks, and no rules on the Big Broad Road so people can do what they want!  It's all too easy!

Matthew 7:14 has this to say about this way:

"For the road to destruction is wide and many enter this way."

But, I was glad that some were still left on my road and they kept going forward and that's a good thing.

The Last Stretch:

My road became hilly and the people going my way were getting tired!   But, I have beautiful trees to rest under and so they all rested!   When they got up to go on, some left me and joined the Big Broad Road, and he gave a nasty smile.  I looked at the people who carried on my way and they were still strong, and I thought they would make it to the end!

All the time the Big Broad Road kept on enticing them by showing them just how easy his way was!  But they kept on following me, because they knew where I was leading, and that's where they wanted to go!

Journey's End:

It was time to end the journey - we had reached our destination!   I could hear the people on the other road gasp in terror as he revealed himself as the Big Bad Road, and with that he tipped them into a bottomless hole filled with fire, and I could hear them screaming for help.

I looked at the people who had followed me, and I revealed myself as the Narrow Road leading to Heaven.

I am not easy as my way is narrow and rough.
Those who follow me aren't weak, they're actually tough!

A Grand Welcome!

They all jumped up and down with excitement as they saw Jesus waiting for them with His arms wide open and a gentle smile on His face.  He said, "Welcome home, My good and faithful servants!"

Make sure you are on the narrow road that leads to Heaven, and that Jesus is your Lord and Saviour.  And then pray to God for help to do what 1 Timothy 6:11-12 says:

"Seek God's righteousness and to be like Him.
Have faith, love, endurance and gentleness.
Fight a good fight of the faith and claim Eternal Life."

God bless!

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