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Be healed Little One


Jesus is willing to heal you and make your sadness go away.


1 Peter 2:24, "By His wounds (stripes) you have been healed".


Here's a story of what it must have been like when Jesus walked on this earth.

Crippled Benjy:

Benjy lived in a small village in Galilee.  His house was at the end of a narrow alley and only had two rooms.  He and his two sisters slept on mats in the back room, while his parents used the front room.

Benjy was a cripple, because when he was a baby, his mother had accidentally dropped him and this had damaged his right leg.  He had never been able to stand on the leg, and now the muscles had wasted away leaving it withered and twisted.

Walking was difficult as he had to use a crutch that his father had carved.  He had to swing his body to move the crutch and his damaged leg would swing wildly of its own accord.  All the children would laugh at him because of the funny way he walked.

Lonely Days:

On hot days, the children from the village would race down to the bank above the nearby river leaving Benjy struggling to catch up with them.  Then they would slide down a muddy patch yelling and screaming with delight as they slithered down the wet mud and landed in a muddy heap at the bottom or even better with a splash in the warm water!

When Benjy eventually managed to catch up with them, he just stood at the top of the bank and enviously watched their fun.

At other times they would play mock fights and would tear up and down the streets around the village while Benjy sat on a rock and wished he could run like the other children.  And then they would climb to the top of tall trees that stood on a nearby hill.  They would shout "cooeey!" and pretend that they were going to defeat a huge army that was coming over the hills.

Withdrawn and Bitter:

Benjy would wonder what it would be like to climb trees, and to run and see interesting things far away in the distance.  As a result, he grew very lonely and bitter, because he couldn't play their games and do any of these things.  Although his parents and sisters tried to encourage him, but day by day Benjy became more withdrawn and refused to talk to the children.

As a result, whenever they came near Benjy, the children would laugh and point at his withered leg and cruelly shout, "Here comes Hip-Hoppity with legs all Rickety!"  They would then roll on the ground and laugh as he tried to hit them with his crutch!

The Teacher Comes:

One day a man came running into the village shouting with great excitement, "He's here!  He's here!"  All the people streamed out of their houses and followed the man up a hill to where a Teacher was talking to a crowd of people.

"Come on Benjy!" called his sisters as they ran after the crowd.  "The Teacher has come to town and we want to hear what He has to say."   Benjy shouted back, "I don't care! I'm going to stay right here."

"Sulk if you want," said his elder sister, "But, I know that the Teacher is kind and He's sure to do some miracles.  We must see what He is going to do today."  Benjy dejectedly cried, "Well He can't help me.  My leg is too rotten and anyway, everybody hates me and they will laugh at the way I walk."

Look at Me:

Benjy sat down in the dust and cried.  As he was sitting there feeling very sorry for himself when a gentle voice asked, "Why are you looking so sad on such a nice day."  Benjy didn't bother to look up and replied, "I hate myself and this wasted leg.  Look at it!  Everybody mocks me and laughs at the way I walk.  Oh, I wish I were dead!"

"Look at Me," said the kindly voice.  Benjy slowly looked up and saw a pair of friendly eyes gazing at him with concern and love.  "Would you like to walk again?" asked the Stranger.  "I will never do that," replied Benjy sadly, "My mother dropped me when I was a baby - and now look at me!"

Precious Lambs:

"My lambs are all precious to Me," replied the Stranger, "Should not the Good Shepherd search out and find those who are lost and hurt?"

"You mean me?" asked a startled Benjy, "I am not worth anything to anybody!"  With that the Stranger laid His hand on Benjy's shoulder.  "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."

Benjy felt a warm glow beginning to flow over his cold sad heart.  He began to cry as he looked up into the Stranger's eyes and saw such love and compassion reaching out to him.  Benjy gave a great sob as he realised that he was loved, and all the bitterness in his heart came out as he cried into the Stranger's coat.

My Leg's Healed!

"Be healed Little One," said a soft Voice and a hand reached down and touched his withered leg.  Benjy looked down with awe as he felt warmth flow into his leg.  He couldn't believe it - his leg was growing straight and strong!  Benjy threw down his crutch as he gingerly stretched out his leg and found it could hold his weight.  He began to laugh and shout, and to dance around Jesus!

A few days later Benjy said a goodbye to the Teacher as He left to continue His ministry.  He never forgot how Jesus had looked down at him with love and compassion, and how He had reached out His hand and touched his withered leg.  Benjy now knew that Jesus was the promised Saviour and went on to serve God with all his heart for the rest of his life.

Jesus is Willing:

Benjy felt rejected and useless until he threw away his crutch!   Perhaps you feel the same way.  Jesus has not changed and when people ask for healing, Jesus is willing to touch their lives.

If you need healing, or for Jesus to touch your heart and make your sadness go away, ask Him to put His loving arms around you, and heal you, and fill you with joy!

God bless.

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