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Reggie's Sword

A Knight in shining armour


We need to know and obey the Bible, our Sword of the Spirit, so that we can be good soldiers for Jesus Christ.

This story can be told in two parts spread over two weeks.


1 Timothy 6:12.


Part 1

A Learner Knight

Reggie jumped up and down with excitement when he heard the news that he had been chosen to be a learner knight!  A few days later he mounted his horse and rode proudly down the road to the castle.  When he came round the bend, there was the castle glistening in the afternoon sunlight!  To his delight there was a crowd of cheering people lining the road as he rode up the ramp and clattered over the drawbridge into the castle yard.

Reggie held his head high as he rode his horse into the castle keep.  He had never been in the castle before and looked around in wonder.  He stared up at the battlements with their narrow arrow slits, and imagined shooting off arrows at a mighty enemy.

Coming down to earth, he asked where the horse stables were.  A page boy directed him to the stables where he joined other excited young men in unsaddling and rubbing down their horses.  As he carried oats into his horse's stall, the odour of fresh hay filled his nose.  "To think of it!  Tomorrow he was to be fitted with his brand new armour!"

The New Armour:

That night he was almost too excited to sleep and woke up as the sunlight lit up the dormitory.  Reggie dashed outside and was greeted by the Armourer.  "Come along young sir," he said, "I have your helmet and shield ready for you."

Reggie eagerly strutted after the Armourer and at the store he was given a Learner Knight's cloak and a round shield that shone in the early morning light.  Next came the metal helmet which he tried it on, but it was too big and the visor slipped right down his neck!  The storekeepers laughed at him and cheerfully replaced it with one that fitted him perfectly.

Where's My Sword?

"But, where is my sword?" he asked.  "Patience young man!" came the reply, "First eat your breakfast and then meet me at the Black Smith's shop.  We will fit your horse with iron shoes, and temper and sharpen your Learner's sword!"

Reggie gobbled down his breakfast and rushed with other impatient Learners to the Black Smith's shop.  They were greeted by a rush of hot air and the flare of fire from the forge where men in leather aprons were pumping great bellows to make the fire white hot.

Others were shoeing horses, while some were heating swords until they glowed red hot, and then beating them with great hammers on an anvil.  The noise was incredible with shouting and banging all around.  At the back of the shop men were turning large grinding stones.

Reggie ducked as a shower of sparks flew over his head as a man sharpened a huge sword.   "Is that my sword?" asked a hopeful Reggie.  The man grinned and shook his head and pointed to a trolley full of swords that was being pushed to the doorway.

The Warning:

"Gather round, Learner Knights," roared the Armourer, "And listen very carefully!"  All the young men eagerly clustered round him.  "First and foremost, care for your weapons like your life."  The Armour looked sternly at each young man.  "Lose them, or damage them," he bellowed, "And you will never become Knights!  This is the first and last time that I will warn you!"

They all nodded nervously as the Armourer turned to the trolley and started handing out swords and scabbards to each Learner.  Reginald was dismayed when he was given a short broad sword.

This Sword is Useless!

"This sword is no good," said Reggie timidly to the Armourer, "I need a proper fighting sword as this one is useless!"  The armourer growled menacingly, "You need to learn to fight before you can handle a proper sword!  Now move along so that the other young gentlemen can get their swords."

A disappointed Reggie followed the other Learner Knights across the drawbridge and out onto the field beyond.  A line of grinning Knights lined the pathway.  "Too small for a proper sword, are you little man?" jeered one Knight at Reggie, "Don't worry, Sonny, perhaps it will grow when you do!"

Reggie gritted his teeth and stormed off as other Knights rolled about laughing at him.

Reggie Loses His Sword!

Reggie was so cross that he ran to the stable and threw a saddle on his horse.  Spurring his horse he galloped from the castle in a rage and raced towards the nearby woods.  Soon he forgot all about the warning the Armourer had given him: "Take care of your weapons like your life, because if you lose them you'll never become a knight!"

Flying through the trees and ducking under branches, he eventually pulled the reigns and his horse skidded to a halt.  Nearly falling out of his saddle, Reggie collapsed exhausted onto the ground.  His sword scabbard dug painfully into his leg and as he shifted it he gasped with dismay - his sword was missing!

"My sword is lost!  And the Armourer warned what would happen if I didn't look after my weapon.  He shook his head and wailed, "Oh, what am I going to do?" ... And you will have to come next week to hear the rest of the story!

Application Questions:

  1.  Was Reggie a good soldier?
  2.  What did he do wrong?
  3.  What is the Christian's Sword of the Spirit?
  4.  How can we be good soldiers for Jesus?

Part 2

I'm in Trouble!

Reggie had galloped away from the castle in a rage, and now his sword was lost, and armourer had warned him not to return to the castle if he lost or damaged his weapons!

He hunted high and low for his sword until it became too dark to see.   In dispair, he slept under a tree that night and shivered as cold drops of rain dripped down on his neck.  For three long days he searched high and low but with no success.  Finally he gave up and decided to return to the castle.  And so, early the next morning Reggie mounted his horse and rode miserably back along the path to the castle.

Have You Seen My Sword?

As he rounded a corner, he suddenly came across an old man.  "Have you seen my sword?" Reggie asked hopefully.  "Well, I found a rusty sword!" came the reply, "Why don't you come with me and see if it is your's."  And so Reggie eagerly followed the old man to a small cottage in a clearing in the woods.

"Here it is," said the old man, "But, I'm afraid it's in a very bad state."  With a sinking heart, Reggie saw that the edges of his once shiny sword were pitted and it was coated with thick brown rust!

My Sword is Ruined!

"It's the end!" Reggie muttered, "My sword is ruined and now I'll never become a knight!"  He hung his head in shame and whispered, "And I can't even go home, because they will be so ashamed of me!"

"Perhaps you can restore the sword if you work hard," suggested the old man, "Come with me and we'll see what can be done."  Reggie followed him to a toolshed where he found a sharpening stone.  "That will clean off the rust and sharpen the blade again," explained the old man.

The Trusty Sword:

Reggie worked on his sword all that night.  Finally his sword looked as good as new.  "There, I told you so!" smiled the old man.   Reggie looked at his sword and mumbled, "But, it's still a short, fat, silly sword!"  "Not so!" replied the old man, "Come, I'll show you how to use it and teach you to fight like a good Knight!"

For the next two months the old man patiently taught Reggie how to fight with his short sword.  One bright morning, Reggie exclaimed, "Why, it's no longer a 'silly sword' - now it's my 'Trusty Sword'!  Dear sir,you have made me into a fine soldier and now I can return to the castle!"

And so Reggie saddled his horse and happily rode off.  "Thanks for all your help!" he called out and the old man replied, "Farewell, and be a brave knight!"

A True Knight!

Reggie galloped back to the castle and as he rode over the drawbridge, the knights came pouring out of the castle to ask where he had been.   "Learning to be a knight!" he shouted and later that day he showed them his new skill with his sword.  He then explained to the King that he had lost his sword and how an old man had taught him how to fight.

"I'm proud of you," said the King as Reggie knelt before him to become a true knight. "Now, Sir Reginald", exclaimed the king, "I have a grand knight's sword for you!"  "Oh, no Sire", gasped Reggie, "I'd rather keep my short sword, because I know how to use it, and I will fight a good fight with it."  And so he did!

Our Good Fight:

And what about you, young friend?  Do you read read your Bible?   Remember, it's your Sword of the Spirit and you need to be able to use it well.  In 1 Timothy 6:12, Paul tells us to:

"Fight the good fight of the faith and claim eternal life."

If you obey what God tells you to do in the Bible, you will become a good solder for Jesus Christ.  You will learn to fight the good fight of faith and please God in all you do!

God bless.

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