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Exciting Stories

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When you want to impart important information to a child, it is often best related in a story, because it is more easily understood and enjoyed.  Telling children stories about God helps them to understand Him and His loving nature.

Noah painting the Ark

Stories teach truths that will shape their character and show the consequences of their actions.  Their faith will grow and help children see how God is intimately involved in every aspect of their lives.


  1.  Story Telling - How to capture the attention and imagination of children

  3.  Happy Days Stories - Various stories for younger children

  4.  Reggies Sword - He thought he was a knight, but needed a trusty sword!

  5.  Jimmy Apple-Crunch - Good seeds will help us grow into great Christians

  6.  Keeper of the Light - Tad learnt to trust God and overcame his fear

  7.  Butch's Muscles - He thought he was strong, until he needed God

  8.  Prince of Liars - Or are you a Prince of Truth?

  9.  Chasing Shadows - Make sure that your's is always Christlike!

  10.  Two Small Deer - Are you always kind and trustworthy?

  11.  Most Precious - It's not what's on the outside that counts!

  12.  Protected! - Pray and God will protect you

  13.  Hip-Hoppity - Benjy felt rejected and useless until he threw away his crutch!

  14.  Toro's Lesson - He had to learn a hard one before he could be trusted

  15.  Tiny Tim - He found out what happens when you love to sin

  16.  Loving Yourself - Lasting beauty comes from a gentle and quiet spirit

  17.  Temptation Van - For Jimmy, the way to beat temptation was to run away!

  18.  They Won't Come Up! - Jesus has forgiven and forgotten all Susie's sins

  19.  The Straight and Narrow - Is the only road the leads to Heaven

  20.  Susan Makes Good - Letting our lights shine by our behaviour

  21.  Beautiful in His Eyes - She was a leper, but she could share the love of Jesus

  22.  Mahan's First Battle - He learnt about God's great love and faithfulness

  23.  Only a Plank - Jesus wants us to be signposts to the way that leads to Heaven

  24.  Roger's S-O-S - God heard Roger's prayer and helped his father his time of need

  25.  Aaron and Jesus - Jesus wants us to know Him so that He can bless us

  26.  Aaron at Calvary - Jesus' love changed his life forever

  27.  Aaron goes to the Lake - Jesus guides us, cares for us and protects us

  28.  Aaron in the Arena - No matter what happened, Jesus was with Him always

  29.  Sid and Basher - The adventures of two friends who knew Jesus as their Friend

  30.  Rasca's Growing Faith - Story of a boy who learned to trust Jesus in the war

  31.  Joy in Jesus - The Holy Spirit gave Mark joy in serving Jesus

  32.  Lost at Sea - Torpedoed and lost at sea - she prayed and was rescued!

  33.  Mary finds Jesus - It was a great day when Mary found Jesus

  34.  Herbie's Camping Trip - He learnt to show love and care for others

  35.  Barbed-Wire - God's love melted Barbara's hard and prickly heart

  36.  I Wanna GO! - Janine was keen to go to Heaven - RIGHT NOW!

  37.  Horace Caterpillar - He desperately wanted a "New Me!!"

  38.  The Walking Stick - Rachel was healed and served God with all of her heart

  39.  Elephant Seal and the Ant - Jesus wants us to be willing to serve God every day

  40.  Tails and Whatevers! - God wants us to be obedient and not do wrong things

  41.  Little Feather's Adventures - Stories about a Indian girl learning to know and trust God

  42.  Lucy's Bring 'Em Near! - We are drawn closer to God when we focus on the Bible

  43.  Rainey's Adventure - Jesus is bigger than all our problems

  44.  The Ugly Duckling - Only Jesus can change Ugly Ducklings into beautiful Swans

  45. NEW!!

  46.  Sparkling Flakes - How God fed His people with Angel's food!



  48.  Happy Days Stories
  49. - Various stories to choose from for younger children

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