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New Testament Quiz 1

Come on - give us a clue!

Age Group:

Grades 3 - 8 (9 to 14 years).

Why Have Quizzes?

Bible quizzes are important not only to review material that the children have been taught and also to increase their general Bible knowledge.  We are finding that today's children and teens have a very shallow knowledge of the Bible and many have even not heard of Jesus!

Keep in mind that learning should be fun and playing Bible games such as holding a quiz competition is exciting if you play off the boys versus girls, or divide the kids into two or more teams.  Of course a small prize on offer increases the competitive spirit.  Our motto is:

Keep it simple,
Keep it fun!

The Quiz:

Here's our New Testament quiz that you can use as a game or competition:

  1.  What was Jesus’ mother’s name?  (Mary)
  2.  What is the book of History in the New Testament?  (Acts)
  3.  Who wrote most of the letters in the New testament?  (Paul)
  4.  How many pots did Jesus turn into wine?  (Six)
  5.  What is the first book in the New Testament?  (Matthew)
  6.  Which book tells about the beginning of the church?  (Acts)
  7.  Which island was Paul shipwrecked on?  (Malta)
  8.  Who said; “I will make you fishers of men”?  (Jesus)
  9.  How many fish did Jesus use to feed five thousand?  (Two)
  10.  Where did Mary and Joseph take Jesus to when He was twelve?  (Temple in  Jerusalem)
  11.  Where did Mary and Joseph take Jesus to keep Him safe from Herod?  (Egypt)
  12.  In what town was Jesus born?  (Bethlehem)
  13.  Which book tells of the River of Life flowing through the middle of Heaven?  (Revelation)
  14.  Which book does not belong: Luke, Matthew, Acts, or Mark?  (Acts)
  15.  Did Timothy write any books of the New Testament?  (No)
  16.  Who helped carry Jesus’ cross?  (Simon)
  17.  How many pieces of silver did Judas receive for betraying Jesus?  (Thirty)
  18.  How many books did Peter write?  (Two)
  19.  Who said, “Behold the Lamb of God”?  (John the Baptist)
  20.  Who climbed a tree to see Jesus?  (Zaccheaus)
  21.  Who was Peter’s brother?  (Andrew)
  22.  Who baptised Jesus?  (John the Baptist)
  23.  How many fishermen became apostles of Jesus?  (Four)
  24.  Who was Mary’s husband?  (Joseph)
  25.  Who tried to free Jesus?  (Pilate)
  26.  What is the shortest verse in the Bible?  (Jesus wept)
  27.  Whose daughter did Jesus bring back to life?  (Jairus’)
  28.  Who was the brother of Mary and Martha?  (Lazarus)
  29.  Who said, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel”?  (Jesus)
  30.  Who were the first persons to visit the baby Jesus?  (The shepherds)


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