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Fascinating Object Lessons

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An object lesson is a lesson or message built around an object, which you display to the audience while you present the lesson.  This makes the lesson interesting and when later seeing the object, children will remember the lesson and it's application.  Object Lessons thus are a powerful and easy means of teaching Bible truths by creating interest with the object so that the lesson is easily absorbed and remembered.

  1.  Faithful Caleb - If we serve God faithfully, He will reward us

  2.  My Little Tree - We need to grow in Jesus in order to bear much fruit

  3.  Powerless Samson - Our strength comes from living a life that honours

  4.  Imprisoned Hearts - Setting you free from the prison of unforgivenss and hate

  5.  Look up, God is in Control! - We are tiny, but what a Big God we serve!

  6.  God's Arithmetic - If we obey God, He wants to add good things to our lives!

  7.  Floating Fingers - A trick to show kids that the devil wants to fool them

  8.  Letter to Father Christmas - God wants us to look at the way we behave

  9.  Going Up! - We need God's value of kindness in our lives

  10.  Knuckle Crusher - Faith in Jesus crushes our fears

  11.  Touchable Jesus - Jesus is approachable, touchable and reachable

  12.  God is For You - God is for us and not against us

  13.  Popping Up! - Getting rid of sins that keep popping up!

  14.  God's Values - We must pattern our lives on God's goodness

  15.  Cookie-Cutter Christians? - Each of God's children are unique and special to Him

  16.  God's Forgiveness - Jesus cleanses us from our sins that separate us from God

  17.  What's in a Name? - God lives up to His Name and keeps His promises

  18.  Imitators - Following the example of Jesus

  19.  Leaps and Bounds - Edible ways to grow your class!

  20.  Anybody at Home? - Keeping our lamps shining for Jesus

  21.  Becoming Shining Lights - Living and doing our best for Jesus

  22.  Potato and Spud - God wants us to do what He has planned for our lives

  23.  The Lion and the Lamb - Jesus wants change you into a child of God

  24.  Running the Race - Jesus is always with us and ready to help us

  25.  True Salt - True Christians show respect for others and care for them

  26.  On Time! - God always answers our prayers In Time and On Time!

  27.  The Bent Nail - Are we ready for God to bless and use us?

  28.  The Holy Spirit - He is a Special Person Who lives in our lives

  29.  Life's a Gambol - The importance of putting God first

  30.  Tea-Bag Christians - Trials in our lives strengthen our faith in God

  31.  Full or Less? - I don't want to be Hopeless, Heartless or Helpless!

  32.  Mighty Peanut - Only Jesus can cleanse our hearts and fill us with power

  33.  Smoky Eggs - The Son shines out of an egg

  34.  Weighed Down! - We cannot meet God's standard as sin weighs us down

  35.  Unseen Storms - Jesus is our Rock on which we must build our lives

  36.  Angry Nails - Our anger can hurt others and leave scars in their lives

  37.  The Cheater's Cup - The only way to "win" Eternal Life is to live God's way

  38.  Trustworthy - Like Daniel we must be trustworthy and faithfully serve God

  39.  My Best Present - We need to be ready as Jesus is coming back soon!

  40.  Heroes and Zeroes - Make sure you copy true Heroes and not Zeroes!

  41.  Shining Dim? - Sin tangles up our lives

  42.  Post for You! - We need to guard what we put in our hearts

  43.  No Room for Jesus - Schools may want to ban Him, but not us!

  44.  The Missing Piece - God wants to find all the missing pieces of His puzzle

  45.  I Love - I hope you can say, 'I love pleasing God!'

  46.  The King's Highway - You can only travel on this if you go God's way

  47.  Sin Tangles - Sin tangles our lives and our lamp grows dim

  48.  Broken Telephone - Are you like Samuel and have good hearing?

  49.  Treasures in Heaven - We need to choose good things as our treasures

  50.  Mr Jones goes to Heaven - God wants to answer our prayers and bless our lives

  51.  God's Gifts - He's waiting to shower gifts and blessings into your life!

  52.  Permanent Love - It's not easy to understand Jesus' love for us

  53.  Being like Jesus - We need to always follow Jesus' example


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