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Going Up!

Bible Text:

1 Thessalonians 5:15

Materials You Need:

Some large balloons (any colour).

Age Group:

Grades 1 - 5 (7 to 11 years).


Allowing God to put His Kindness, Peace and Joy in our hearts so that every day we will keep on "Going Up".


A bunch of balloons ready to fly up!

Here's another Cool Lesson

Years ago in the big stores they used to have lift operators who would call out, "Going Up!" or "Going Down!"  This was to let you know which way the lift was moving.  When the lift stopped at a particular floor, he would then call out what goods were sold there.  For example, he might call out:

"Second Floor - sweets, toys and children's clothing!"

Now, I need a someone to help me.  Please blow this balloon up.  Well, this balloon is going up!  There, now it looks good and full.  No, don't tie it off as I just want you to just hold it for me.  It took a lot of puff, didn't it?   You see children, it's hard to always do the right things.   But, Jesus wants to fill your lives with His love and power so that you can always be kind, and have peace and joy in your heart.

Going Up:

I think our lives are just like lifts.  Perhaps today we might hear something like:

"Going Up!  On this floor you will find Kindness, Peace and Joy!"

I think this would be a good floor to get out at, and then spend a lot of time there, don't you think so?  But, I wonder if you have visited this floor lately?  I hope you have!

Going Down:

Now, my volunteer, please let go of the balloon and let it fly away!  Oh dear, now it's gone!  I don't think you would be happy if the announcement was:

"Going Down, down, down to the basement!
On this floor you will only find Anger, Hate and Bitterness!"

Wow, the balloon went down really quickly as it flew away didn't it?  It's the same in our lives.  It only takes a moment to lose your temper and say something unkind to someone.  And when you've done that, it's hard to get things right again.  Just as it will be hard for my volunteer to start again with this brand new balloon, because the old one has flown away!

Changing Direction:

Saying and doing unkind things is a problem with many children today.  In many homes there is abuse, anger, trouble and divorce.  Many children react badly to this and take out their anger, hate and bitterness on other kids.  But, God does not want this in our lives, does He?  He wants us to change direction.

Instead of "Going Down!" let's start "Going Up!"  When the Apostle Paul was teaching how young Christians should act and behave in 1 Thessalonians 5:15, he gave these instructions:

"Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong,
but always be kind to each other and to everyone else."

So, let's say a prayer together and ask the Holy Spirit to help us to "Go Up", and allow God to put His Kindness, Peace and Joy in our hearts.  Remember every day to keep on "Going Up!"

God bless.


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