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God's Arithmetic

Bible Text:

Proverbs 10:22, "The blessing of the Lord makes you rich and He adds no sorrow to your life."

Materials You Need:

Large Addition and Subtraction cardboard signs.
A packet of big sweets or marshmallows.

Age Group:

Grades 1 - 5 (7 to 11 years).


If we obey God, He wants to add good things to our lives!


Plus and Minus Signs

Here's a good one to share with your friends!

Let's talk about what I'm sure is your favourite subject - Arithmetic!

God's Subtraction:

When you subtract, you take two numbers and land up with less!  Doing right is good, but doing bad is wrong and it subtracts (takes away) from your character.  I'm going to give you two sweets.  But, now you must give one back to me.  I'm sure it doesn't feel so good to have only one left!

We can choose to do good or do bad things.  The jails in this country are full of people who chose to do wrong things.  And each one must feel bad now that they have lost their freedom.  Proverbs 10:27 says:

"If you respect the Lord you will live longer,
but your life will be shorter if you keep doing wrong."

God's Addition:

God wants us to choose to do good and right things.  He wants us to be His children so that He can bless our lives and add good things to our lives if we obey Him.  And so I am going to give you two sweets.  That's much better and now you have three sweets, and that's more than you started with.  I'm sure you feel so much better now!

Jesus wants to be our Saviour and some of us have asked Him to forgive our sins and make us clean inside, and to come and live in our hearts as our Saviour.  We know this is true because God answered our prayer and changed our lives.  And today, we want to please Jesus in all we do and say, and this will add so much more to our lives!  Jesus is the Christ,  PLUS ...

  1.  He is our Example.

  2.  He is our Lord.

  3.  He is our Saviour.

  4.  He is our Best Friend.

We use the word "plus" to show that there is more.  Because we love and serve God, He wants to add good things and blessings to our lives,   PLUS ...

  1.  Help us when we are in trouble.

  2.  Protect and honour us.

  3.  Satisfy us with a long life.

  4.  Show us His power to save us.

  5.  Help us serve, obey and please Jesus.

Our text tells us that God promises to bless us and add no sorrow to our lives.  So to make it up to you, here's another sweet to add to the three you already have.  Now you have four!  In the same way, why don't you let God add His blessings to your life?  His arithmetic is a great big "PLUS" all the time!

If you have asked Jesus into your heart, ask God to start blessing you right now!

God bless!

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