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God's Gifts

Are these all for me?

Bible Text:

Proverbs 10:6.

Materials You Need:

A pile of boxes wrapped up as presents.

Age Group:

Grades 1 - 7 (7 to 14 years).


God is waiting to shower the many gifts and blessings He has for us into our lives.




It's Christmas!

Imagine it's Christmas and as you enter the living room with your family, your eyes nearly pop out of their sockets.  Every corner of the room is filled with presents!  There are hundreds of them in every size, shape and colour.  Just like this pile of presents I have here.  The pile of packages reaches so high you can't even see the Christmas tree and there's no place left to sit!

Your family stands there silently and then someone says, "What should we do?"  You all look at each other.  No one wants to say what everyone's thinking, "Hey!  Open all those presents!"  Well, it does seem so greedy, and hard as it is to imagine, you all ignore those presents!

Time Passes:

January comes, then February, March, April ... and eventually years pass, and still nobody has opened a single gift!  Not even one! Your family even had to build new rooms onto the house because all those unopened packages have multiplied and grown and grown, and they've taken up all the living space in your house!

I hope you're laughing by now.  No, I've never known a family who did this - at least not with real presents.  But, we all do it! "Not me," you say, but, oh yes! - when you forget to ask for your blessings from God.  And these are much better than any Christmas present you have ever received!

Open the Presents!

If I were you, I'd say, "May I please open the gifts?  I'd like to start with the purple polka-dotted one!"  You're being selfish!  Not a chance!  You're only asking for the things that God has already reserved for you.

He's chosen these special gifts as blessings to benefit your life and fill you with joy!  They have to do with what your heart desires, with healing for the hurts that bother you, and to fill you with the Holy Spirit!   God wants to give you all these gifts to make you a better, happier and stronger Christian.  We know this, because Proverbs 10:6, says:

"Blessings crown the head of the righteous."

And that's you!

Shower on Me!

God wants to do so much for you, but He won't force His blessings on you.  He wants you to ask.  So ask God to give you the blessings He has in store for you.  He's waiting to shower them upon your life.  Go on, ask Him right now!

God bless.

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