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Look Up, God is in Control!

by Angie

Running across the Solar System ...

Bible Text:

Matthew 10:30, "Even all the hairs on your head are numbered."

Materials You will Need:

A large plastic ball to represent the Sun.
A marble to represent Mercury.
2 peas to represent Venus and Earth.

Age Group:

Grades 1 - 5 (7 to 11 years).


An object lesson to show how small the earth is and how tiny we are.
And what a Big God we serve.


Here's a HOT STORY to share with Friends!

While walking to school one day, Vusi wondered where God was?  He didn't seem to be around!  She had to live in a place of safety because there were BIG problems at home.  "He's probably not even real," she thought.  Then one day she heard a voice say: "LOOK UP!"  She looked around her but didn't see anyone.  So she carried on walking and then heard it again, and this time she looked up - but all she could see were a few clouds and the blue sky.  "So what!" she thought, and decided not to think about God anymore because He had probably forgotten all about her!

When she got to school, her teacher took the class outside to show them how small the earth is compared to the sun.  "Here is a pea," said the teacher, "Let's say it's the earth and here I have a plastic ball which we will make the sun.  This marble will represent Mercury and another pea will represent Venus. Now the planets circle the sun like this:"

"Mary, stand you here and hold up the sun.  Johnny, you must take fifteen steps away from Mary and hold up Mercury.  Vusi, take another fourteen steps from Johnny and hold up Venus.  Lastly, Anne, take thirteen steps for Vusi and hold up Earth.  Now, Mary stand still in the centre, and all you other children must walk in a big circle around her.  This is how our universe works and these planets just balance and move as they should!"  Vusi was amazed and she had never imagined the universe was like that!

Why don't you get some friends together and try it for yourself?

The teacher carried on to explain that God keeps the earth moving around the sun and keeps the stars in the sky so that they don't fall on our heads!  And we don't fall off the earth because God is in control!

Vusi said in wonder, "Nothing stops working so the sun rises every morning and sets every evening!  I never imagined what it would be like if the sun never came up!"  Her teacher replied, "Yes, if the earth was a bit closer to the sun we would melt and die.  And, if it was further away we would freeze to death!"  Vusi couldn't stop thinking about God and the universe all that day.   When she got home from school she opened her Bible at Isaiah 40:26 and read:

"Look up and see Who has created these stars ...
by the greatness of His might and power not one is missing!"

"That is amazing!" exclaimed Vusi, "Now I know that God is very big and real, but I'm sure that He is much too busy for me and my problems!"

Oh no, Vusi!  Let me tell you something.  In Matthew 10:30 Jesus said that the very hairs on your head are numbered!  God knows every detail of your life.  He thinks about you all the time because He loves you so much!

That night Vusi went outside and looked up!  She didn't just see stars in the sky but a GREAT BIG GOD!  And I hope you can too.

God bless!

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