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Sin Tangles

Little man with shining eyes!

Bible Text:

Matthew 5:14-16.

Materials You Need:

Picture of a boy mounted on thick cardboard.
Battery holder and 4 penlight cells.
Two 2,5 volt light bulbs and screw holders.
6mm diameter spiral electric heater element.
Thin connecting wire.
These can be obtained from Electrical and Electronic Spare stores.


Glue the bulb holders in the eye sockets and screw in the bulbs.   Connect a wire to one terminal of both bulb holders and two wires to the other terminals.  Connect one of these wires to a battery terminal and feed the other wire through the right-hand palm and extend the wire as a fly-lead.

Connect another wire to the other battery terminal and attach this to a paper clip on the left-hand palm.  If the fly-lead is touched to the paper clip, the bulbs will light up and shine brightly.

During the message connect a length of coiled heater element stretched out like a spring to the left-hand palm.  Touch the fly-lead on the element and the eyes will light up.  The further away one touches, the dimmer the lights will shine due to the resistance of the wire.

Age Group:

Grades 3 - 7 (9 to 14 years).


Sin tangles up our lives and causes our light to grow dim.


Life, witness, light, shine.


New Hearts:

My little man has a new heart.  He looks cute doesn't he?  Well, God has given him power in his life (Show the battery) to live for Jesus.  We don't need batteries do we?  But, we do need the power of the Holy Spirit to be able live right and please God.

What good deeds can we do to please Jesus?  (Love others, be helpful and caring, tell them about Jesus etc).  Did you know that what we do speaks louder than what we say?  People watch us and when they see us doing good things, they see the love of Jesus in us.

Shining for Jesus:

This is like the eyes of my little man shining out when I touch this wire to his hand (Touch the fly-lead to the paper clip to make the bulbs shine).  See, he's shining brightly for Jesus!

But, when we do wrong things, our light starts to get dim.  Sin tangles up our lives like this spring (Connect one end of the heater element to the paper clip).  What things do you think cause us to lose our light?  (Being cheeky, disobedient, lying, swearing, stealing etc).

Fading Lights:

It's not only big things that causes our light to dim.  Little things do as well, like when we forget to read our Bibles and pray every day.  Our faith and trust in Jesus start to fade and our love for Jesus grows colder.

Soon we start to be rude and stop caring for people like Jesus wants us to.  We become cheeky and start to answer back.  We stop going to Church or Sunday School and start acting like people who don't know or love Jesus.

Sin Tangles:

Sin tangles us up so easily.  The more we do bad things, the more sin tangles us until we cannot free ourselves.  Look what happens when my little man gets all tangled up with sin (Coil the spiral element around the little man to "tangle" him and touch the fly-lead to a point on the coil).  His light is now dim and he is all tangled up with his sin!  He cannot get free and this is what Satan wants to do with our lives.

If you are like this, then you need to say sorry to Jesus and ask Him to take away all the wrong things you have done.  I am going to remove the tangle from my little man (Remove the spiral element and replace the connecting wire so the light shines brightly again).  Now his light is shining brightly again.  In Matthew 5:16, Jesus said:

"Let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good deeds
and praise your Father in heaven."

Jesus wants to free you from sin and then you will shine again.  Everybody will see the love of Jesus in you and your good deeds as you serve Jesus.  Make sure that you don't let sin tangle up your lives and cause your light to grow dim!

God bless.

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