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The King's Highway

Paid in full!

Bible Text:

Jeremiah 7:23.

Materials You Need:

Make cardboard road signs similar to those in the pictures below.

The Effect:

Age Group:

Grades 1 - 7 (7 to 14 years).


You can only go God's way if you are prepared to travel on the King's Highway.


Obey, commands, rules.


Speed Limit!

In Jeremiah 7:23, God has some good instructions if we want to have His blessings in our lives:

"Obey Me, and I will be your God and you will be My people.
Walk in all the ways I command you, that it may go well with you."

I don't think Erin had read and obeyed this verse.  Anyway, the day had started out as a beautiful sunny morning and Erin smiled as she set out for school on her bicycle.  She sang a song at the top of her voice as she whizzed down the pedestrian walkway and through the shopping complex.   "STOP" yelled a gruff voice!

Poor Erin, she was given a ticket for exceeding the 20 Kph speed limit!   Speeding is like missing times when you talk to Jesus in prayer and reading your Bible.

One Way!

Eric was cross!  Now she was late for school, so she decided to take a short-cut to save time.  She looked both ways carefully.  Good, no traffic officers in sight!  She ducked down a narrow road and weaved her way in and out of the cars that hooted at her.  Wrong way!

She groaned as the same police officer gave her a second ticket for entering into a One Way road the wrong way.  Going the wrong way is like when you let Jesus down by swearing, lying, being cheeky or losing your temper.

Stop Sign!

As she rode off, this time the right way, she thought what a dreadful day it was turning out to be.  But, she thought too quickly.  A grinning traffic officer stopped her and gave her a third ticket for failing to stop at a Stop Sign!

Poor Erin, failing to stop at a stop sign is like bad behaviour or having no respect for Jesus in Church, or your parents, or your teachers at School.

No Bicycles!

We won't say to much about the "No Bicycles" sign, except to record that Erin picked up a fourth ticket before she reached school!

"No Go" signs are like people who stop serving Jesus and choose to live a life full of sin.

Speed Limit sign






No Entry sign




Stop signs


No Bicycles sign

On the Highway:

But, how does this relate to our lives?  God doesn't want us to live a life of sin.  He wants us to travel in His Kings' Highway.  God wants everyone to choose His way, because it leads to Heaven! In Psalm 17:5, David asked God to:

"Keep me in Your paths, so that my footsteps do not slip."

This is where Erin fell down.  She just couldn't obey the rules!   Do you want to travel on the King's Highway and be a good Christian?   But wishing to be a child of God is not enough.  Erin probably wished that she tear up all those tickets!  She was going to be in big trouble when she got home!

Then who will be allowed to travel this special road to Heaven?  In Psalm 24:4, David tells us:

"He who has clean hands."

David didn't mean that you should just wash your hands under a tap.  He meant people who have had their sins forgiven.

The King's Highway:

How can we travel on the King's Highway?  By having our sins forgiven and asking Jesus to be our Saviour.  The good news is that if we tell our sins to God, He will forgive us.  Jesus then stamps our record of sin: "PAID IN FULL".

Perhaps you have done wrong things this week.  Why not ask God to forgive you and make you clean inside.  He will, and He will keep you on His King's Highway!

God bless.

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