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No Room for Jesus


Bible Text:

Acts 4:12.

Materials You Need:

Cardboard or wooden cross mounted on a stand, with a nail to hang pictures on.
Pictures of: Crown of Glory, Jesus as King of Kings, Jesus rising to Heaven, Jesus on the Cross, Jesus praying in the garden, Jesus in the temple, baby Jesus, the Angel speaking to Mary.


Punch a hole at the top of each picture and pin them in the above order onto the cross.  As the message is presented, the pictures are removed one by one.

Age Group:

Grades 4 - 7 (10 to 14 years).


Jesus and His Name are precious, because He is our Lord, Saviour, and Best Friend.


Jesus, name, value.


No Room for Jesus!

It seems as if the time is coming that there will be no room for Jesus at our schools.  Some schools are already saying they will not allow the name, "Jesus" to be used in class or assembly.  Many already say that we were not created by God and that we evolved from slimy creatures that came out of the sea.

What if Jesus was removed from our Bible?  I have here a cross and pictures of Jesus hanging on it. (Hold up the cross and pictures).  Here we have the "Crown of Glory" which Paul said is waiting in Heaven for each one who loves Jesus.  But, people say that isn't true, so I'll remove it (Remove the picture).

No Jesus!

Next, I have a picture of "Jesus as King of Kings".  Jesus is coming again to rule the world with a rod of iron.  But, people say that's impossible, so I'll remove it as well (Remove the picture). Then we have a picture of "Jesus going to Heaven".  But, people say He was just a good man and not God, so it has to go! (Remove the picture).

No Cross!

Here I have a picture of "Jesus on the Cross"?  Never!  You just have to be good and follow any religion as they all go to Heaven if there is such a place!  That's right isn't it?  So I'll remove it (Remove the picture).

Would we have seen "Jesus Praying in the Garden" of Gethsemane?  No, in Matthew 26:42, He would never have said:

"My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away,
Unless I drink it, may Your will be done."

Jesus had no need to prepare Himself to die for our sins.  We can do it ourselves, in fact you can do what you please!  This one definitely has to go! (Remove the picture).

No Baby!

"Jesus in the temple" and "Jesus as a baby"?  Oh, I suppose so.   Jesus was just a good man and could never be the Son of God.  So these have to go as well (Remove the pictures).  As for "The Angel Speaking to Mary", that's just a story so we won't waste any time on it.  Right, off it goes! (Remove the picture).

There, all that's left is an empty wooden cross.  I'll burn that next time I barbeque (braai) some steak!

Just Misery and Death!

Can you imagine God saying; "Don't go and die for mankind, Jesus!"  All that would be left would be a world of empty lives!  There would be no hope of peace, love and eternal life.  Just a world full of gloom.   And only one happy person Satan, and all his fallen angels.

I'm so glad that this is nonsense and that God planned to send His Son to die for us, even before the creation of the world.  He did this because He loves us so much and made each one of us in His own likeness.  Remember Acts 4:12, where Luke said:

"Salvation is found in no one else,
For there is no other name under Heaven given to men
By which we must be saved."

The Only Name!

That Name is Jesus.  People can refuse to use that Name, but not me and I hope not any of you children!  That Name is precious, because Jesus is our Lord, and Saviour, and our Best Friend.

  1.  Pray in that Name!

  2.  Use that Name reverently!

  3.  Share that Name Jesus!

Schools may want to ban it, but the Name of Jesus is precious, because He is our Lord, Saviour, and Best Friend.

God bless!

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