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Heroes and Zeroes

Homemade sling and collected stones

Bible Text:

Psalm 91:2.

Materials You Need:

Five small smooth stones.
A sling made from a piece of cloth or a hanky.
A bag of marshmallows (about 25mm diameter or cubes).

The Effect:

Age Group:

Grades 3 - 8 (9 to 14 years).


Each child needs a personal experience with the Lord so they can know that they follow the example of true Heroes of Faith.


Belief, trust.



Heroes were mythical men (coming from made up stories) with superhuman powers.  To the Greeks they were the son of a god and a man who was famous for possessing some extraordinary gift, for example, superhuman strength.   Other heroes were the athletes in the Olympic Games that were held in ancient Greece or great military soldiers who fought for Alexander the Great.

The word "Hero" comes from the Greek word "Heros" which means a hero or warrior.  This matches today's kid's hero toys which have rugged warlike super-human characters.

To most children, a hero is somebody who they admire their great qualities or achievements and is someone they want to copy, act like, and do what they do.  But, we must ask, in whose eyes are they heroes?  In the child's or God's? (Let the children respond).


The activities of Samson are the type of hero who is mighty in physical strength, but weak in his spiritual and moral character.  He's a Zero and not a hero!  Many of today's singers, rock groups and movie stars are children's heroes.  But, when you look at their way of life and what they do, say or sing, you find that there's nothing good about them.  They are also Zeroes.

True Heroes:

Bible heroes are recorded in Hebrews 11, and they are there because of their faith and trust in God.  David shines brightly as an example of a hero who had trust and faith in God, and a responsible way of living.   Samuel was impressed by David's manly brothers, but God told him that He looks at the heart and not the outside.  That was why David was chosen over his brothers.

Fighting a Giant:

What does God see in your heart?  Can you imagine having to fight a huge man who was over three meters tall?  Not only that, but he was armed with a tremendous spear and sword and is protected by a helmet and colossal shield.

David watched the giant approach with great thudding footsteps.  He suddenly remembered the sling in his pocket - perhaps it looked something like mine here  He slowly pulled it out of his pocket, keeping his eyes fixed on the giant as he towered over him. (Take out the sling or hanky and hold the ends in your hand).  "Lord," he whispered, "I need some good stones for this one."

Five Smooth Pebbles:

He glanced down, and there right at his feet were some smooth white pebbles of just the right size!  "Just the thing," he thought, "Thanks Lord, these will do very nicely."  He reached down and felt around for five of the right size (Have five stones at your feet).  He put them in his pouch (Put them in your pocket), all but one which he placed into the sling like this (Place a marshmallow into the sling or hanky).

Swinging the sling around his head he let fly (Match these actions and sling the marshmallow into the audience).  Wow!  That stone flew straight as an arrow and sunk into the giant's forehead.  And you know the rest of the story.  So, what happened? (Let the children tell the rest of the story).

Now, tell me, was that giant a hero or a zero? (Let the children respond).  And what about David? (Let the children respond again).

Heros Trust God:

This story shows us that David believed, trusted and had faith in God.  As a result he was bold and acted fearlessly even though he was a young boy and saw God at work.  He was a true hero and in Psalm 91:2, David said:

"I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust."

We need to be the same as David.  Why not ask God to make Jesus your Hero?  He will help you trust, believe and have faith in God everyday.   Jesus will show you the right way to go, the right way to live, and the right way to please Him.  Why not ask Him today?

Do we have any true heroes here today?  Well, you can come and share my marshmallows with me!

God bless.

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