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Mighty Peanut

Bible Text:

John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Materials You Need:

A full and an empty (retain the label) glass bottle of Peanut Butter.
A teaspoon.
Copies of the following (sized to fit in the bottle):
   A red cross.
   A picture of Christ.
   A white heart with "Cleansed by the Blood" written on it.
   A black heart with "Anger", "Hate", "Lies", "Stealing" and
   "Unbelief" written on it.

Peanut power!

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The Effect:

An empty bottle is shown with a black heart in it.  At the right time the heart is removed and replaced with the red cross.  The white heart is then placed inside showing that Jesus has cleansed our hearts from sin with His blood.  Lastly, a picture of Jesus is added showing that He now lives in our hearts and we are children of God.

Age Group:

Grades 1 - 8 (7 to 15 years).


We cannot make ourselves acceptable to God.  Our heart's are full of sin and only the blood of Jesus can cleanse us, make us a child of God and give us power to live lives that will please Him.


What's In Your Heart:

I have this very useful bottle ( Show the empty Peanut Butter bottle with the black heart in it ).  But, what's wrong with it? ( Let the children respond ).  Has it got bad things in it?  It's got a peanuts on the label and they are good aren't they? ( Let the children respond ).  You say the bottle is not empty.  Oh, it has a black heart in it.  It has, "Anger", "Hate", "Lying", "Stealing" and "Unbelief" written on it.

That's bad because I'm a Christian and I can't have those in my life.  Do you have them in your heart? ( Let the children respond ).  I'll put this picture of Jesus and a cross in the bottle.  That looks better doesn't it? ( Let the children respond ).  You say it doesn't look right, with good and bad in the same bottle.  Can't I have good and bad in my heart?

I'll Clean Up My Heart:

I need to clean up my heart ( Remove the picture of Jesus and the cross from the bottle ).  Well, what can I do, I must get rid of the black heart.  I know!  I'll eat some of this Peanut Butter ( Eat a teaspoonful of peanut butter ).  Do you want some?  Just as well I brought a full bottle with me!

The label says it's "Packed with Peanut Power".  It will make a "Mighty Peanut" of me, won't it.  It's also approved by the heart foundation, so it must be good to clean up my dirty black heart.  What's this at the stamped at the bottom - "Best Before 12/2009".  That's terrible.   It's got an Expiry Date and now it's no good.  It won't get me to Heaven because I want to live there forever.

Who Can Clean My Heart:

I can't clean up my life.  Jesus, I need You to come and fix my life.   Please get rid of all my anger, hatred, lying, stealing and unbelief.   Please forgive me for all the bad things I have done. ( Remove black heart from the bottle and put the red cross into the bottle ).

Oh, thank You, Jesus.  You have taken away all the bad things.  My dirty black heart has gone.  Jesus, please keep my heart clean every day ( Put the white heart with "Cleansed by the Blood" into the bottle ).  Jesus said that if I believe in Him, I won't perish but will have eternal life" ( Put the picture of Jesus into the bottle ).

Now I can say, "Thank You Jesus, I belong to You and there is a home waiting for me in Heaven!"  Well, I didn't need this full bottle of Peanut Butter after all and nor do you.  Peanut Butter is good to make strong bodies for children, but Jesus makes strong Christian children.  So, don't be a "Mighty Peanut."  Rather ask Jesus to be your Saviour and give you power to live a life that pleases Him.

God bless!


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