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My Little Tree

Bible Text:

Luke 2:52

Materials You Need:

Prepare a "stretch" picture of a tree by copying or printing an elongated tree onto eight sheets of A4 paper. Tape or glue the sheets of paper together and then Z-fold the tree to shrink it into the "Little Tree".


The Z-folded tree is placed flat on a table and the sun is lifted vertically and the roots are folded down over the edge of the table so that only the sun and roots show. At the right time the tree is stretched out sheet by sheet, growing the trunk, then the leaves, then the fruit and finally the whole tree stretched out to its fullest extent.

Age Group:

Grades 1 - 5 (7 to 11 years).


We need Jesus in our hearts in order to grow as Christians and bear much fruit.


Folded Tree  

Stretched Tree with much fruit


How do children grow?  Couldn't you just eat sweets and chips all day?  I think that would be great!  What do you think?   ( Wait for children to respond ).  You don't agree?   Well, what would you suggest?  ( Let them suggest some ideas ).

You need to grow by taking care of your body by eating good food, caring for your body and sleeping.  These help make your bodies healthy, build strong muscles and help you grow up to be an adult.

Growing Healthy Minds:

What about growing your mind and brains?  Can't you just listen to music and watch TV?   ( Wait for children's response ).  Well, why not?  I think it's a perfect idea!  You could just roll out of bed, switch on the TV, and then lie in front of it all day long eating ice-cream and popcorn, and then roll back into bed again!  Isn't that the best way to grow brains?   ( Wait for children's response ).  Well, how does God want you grow your mind and brains then?   ( Let them give you some ideas ).

Yes, you need to grow healthy minds and brains, by learning to read and write, by studying all sorts of subjects at school, and practising these things so that you can develop skills and gain experience.   You need to learn all these things so that you can live in our world and have the knowledge to find a job when you grow up.

Caring for Your Soul:

We have seen how you can grow bodies and minds.   But what about your soul and spirit?  These parts of us never die.  Jesus came to save our souls so that we can go to Heaven and live there forever.

I have this "Little Tree" ( Show the folded tree ).  It has some roots.  Why does a tree need roots?  ( Wait for the the children's response ).  It also is growing in the sun.  Do you think it will grow well?  ( Wait for their response ).

Growing as Christians:

Let's see if our "Little Tree" will grow ( Pull the down the roots to show more of the trunk ).  Why, it's growing more and more trunk!  But, is this enough?  ( Wait for their response ).  No, it must grow some leaves so that it can make food to feed the plant.  Well, my tree is growing and making lots of leaves ( Pull down the roots again to show the leaves, but not the fruit ).

How can you grow as Christians? ( Wait for their response ).  1 Peter 2:2 says that we must grow like newborn babies by drinking spiritual milk.  We do this by keeping close to Jesus and by:

  1.  Going to Children's Church to learn about Jesus.

  2.  Worshipping, thanking and praising God.

  3.  Reading your Bible and praying every day.

  4.  Pleasing Jesus in all you do every day.

Growing Spiritual Fruit:

Something seems to be wrong with my tree.  What do you think is wrong?  ( Wait for their response ).  Oh, I see, my tree needs some fruit!  What kind of fruit does Jesus want you to bear?   ( Wait for their response ).  That's right we can bear fruit by being:

  1.  Good, upright and truthful.

  2.  Willing to help and obey parents and teachers.

  3.  Loving, kind and caring for others.

  4.  Doing what the Bible says.

We will bear much fruit for Jesus if we keep on loving and serving Him.  Well, my "Little Tree" needs to grow some more ( Pull down the balance of the tree so the fruit is also displayed ).  There, now it is fully grown and what do we find?  ( Wait for their response ).  Yes, there's a whole lot of fruit at the top of the tree!  It reminds us of what Luke 2:52 said about Jesus:

"Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man."

Are you growing like Jesus?  I hope you growing in body, brain and mind.  But, are you growing in your soul and spirit as a Christian?  And are you bearing fruit that will please Jesus?

It's time to act now as Jesus is coming back again, and soon it may be too late.  Be like our tree and grow and grow.  Pray to Jesus and ask Him to help you grow as a Christian and bear much fruit!

God bless.

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